Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm kind of new to the blogging world but I've already met so many great writers since my April 1st inauguration. Today, Joyce Wolfley (another new blogger) is holding her first ever contest on her blog. Her first. As in, the number following zero but before the infinite numbers that may possibly follow.

I've never been part of a FIRST contest. I usually catch onto things after they become popular. So it's kind of exciting to be part of someone's first contest. I'm already visualizing the day when her novel is on the NY Times Best Seller list and I can say "Yup, I knew her when she just started blogging. I even participated in her FIRST contest."

It's the little stuff that makes me happy. The small contributions to history that a rare few may know or care about. But I know, and I care. And I can say I was a part of it.

So, I know anyone reading this is dying to know how they too can be part of such a monumental event. Go to Joyce's blog. and check out her post for today (Monday). You have the chance to read about an aspiring author who offers great advice and is pretty entertaining with her humor, cute photos, and enticing excerpts from her novel, ILLUSIONS. Plus, you have a chance to be part of history. ;)


  1. After seeing your comment on the contest page, I stumbled over to your blog as well. I really like your web page entrance. That's well done. And now I'm a follower of yours, so see how much good the contest has done for you already? :)

  2. It's more likely you'll be able to say: I participated in her first ever contest. That was back before they committed her to the loony bin.

    Love the photoshop skills. My book looks so impressive!

  3. Thanks for letting us know about this!


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