Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The release date for Tangled Tides is November 25, 2011.
That's exactly one month away. CRAZY.

*pinches self*

Yup, it's still real.

November 25th is a new moon. I think that's a good omen. It's also Black Friday. I think that's a good omen too. I know Black Friday doesn't sound like it would be a good omen, but on that day I'm always with my mom shopping (and we always hit a Barnes & Noble) and find great deals. I have fond memories and feelings about Black Friday--especially this year.

If anyone would like to pre-order a copy, you can do so here.

Let the countdown begin! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011


Happy Friday!

Just wanted to show you what I did yesterday. I played at the beach! Well, it wasn't really playing. More like standing around and smiling while a friend took a hundred photos of me. (I mean, Tangled Tides is about merfolk, selkies and sirens. A beach photo was only appropriate.)

This one ended up as my new author photo for my book...This one is my favorite because you can see the beach and my feet in the water/sand...These others were just fun shots and I'll probably never do anything with them except share them here...
Do I look like an authentic mermaid author?
It was an overcast day with fast-moving clouds so the lighting kept changing, but it made for some cool shots.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and get in lots of playtime!

Friday, October 14, 2011


I post this every October 14th.
It has become a tradition.

I wish that it never had to be written...but our life experiences are what make us who we are. The good, bad, happy and sad moments give us the knowledge and passion to put words onto a page and make those feelings authentic.
Even the authentically tragic ones.


This is not for you.

This is not for family, or friends, or writers.
These words are not advice, or wisdom, or to be critiqued in any way.
This is not proper punctuation, or grammar, or sentence structure.
This is expression, emotion, and raw reverie.

This is for an eighteen-year-old man,
driving too fast from a story he knows every side of.
Wishing tonight she’d finally choose love instead of lies.
With eyes like stars and a heart bigger than the moon,
who had no idea his midnight ride would be his last.

This is for a seventeen-year-old girl,
sitting beside a wrecked car on a dark winding road,
whispering I love you and promising it will all be okay.
With no idea she is holding a last chance in her arms,
who fifteen years later, is still waiting to say I’m sorry.

This is for a night that loops repeatedly through my mind.
With his mother’s tears forever falling upon the hospital floor,
while his big brother’s scream eternally echoes down a hallway.
Where fifteen years later, a part of my soul still stands in that ER,
begging him not to go.

This is because it is October 14th.
Every year on this day, I yearn to bake a birthday cake, find the perfect gift,
and attach it to 888 balloons,
so it will float up to Heaven,
and show him that I haven’t forgotten.
That I will never forget.

This is for him. And for me. And for them.

This is for anyone who knows this feeling.
Who is haunted by a number, a date, a song,
or a place and time you can’t reach.
Who incorrectly assumed there would always be tomorrow.
For those who talk to the stars, and pray an angel is listening.

This is for everyone who has ever loved, or lost.
Who has experienced the beauty of this world, or the ugliness.
Who understands the meaning of tragedy,
but hopes to be spared from it--again.
For those who brave the path of healing,
even when it seems an impossible journey.

This is for anyone living their story.
To anyone who believes in happily ever after, or fears a nevermore.

We are countless characters, with infinite backstories,
creating never-ending plots in this book called life.
We are the sum of our parts, our people, and our experiences.
Moments hidden away in almost forgotten pages,
fluttering like angel wings as the chapters of our life rapidly flip by.

This is not for you, or for him, or for me.
This is for each and every soul who has ever felt sorry, guilty, lost, afraid, abandoned, insecure, unsure, self-doubting, self-loathing, self-sacrificing, misguided, misunderstood, unknown, unseen, unheard, unkind, loved, hated, hurt, confused, or alone.

We are all in this together.
We all have a him, her, them, me, or us.
We all live with a mistake, a regret, a burden, a broken promise, or a shattered heart.
We are all living this life one page at a time,
and we all have a story to share.
This is for the stars, the moon, and the angels.

This is for all of us.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hey, book reviewers, wanna read Tangled Tides before it's officially released?
My publisher has started taking requests for ARCs for my blog tour.

EEEEKKKKK! My story is going to be out in the world soon! People will give it bad reviews and say negative things on places like Goodreads and Amazon! *cries* No, I'm not being pessimistic. I'm being realistic. EVERY book gets a mix of good and bad reviews. It's just too subjective of an art. But still, eeeeeeeeeekk!
lso, yaaaaaaaaaay! My story will be out in the world soon! People will give it good reviews and say nice things about it. No, I'm not being cocky. EVERY book gets a mix of good and bad reviews. Mine has to get SOME people who like it.
*prays to the heavens and all the gods, including Medusa and Poseidon, to PLEEEASSE let some readers love it*

Okay, stressed-yet-excited rant over.

Just go here if you'd like to sign up for the Tangled Tides book tour.

Oh, and the fabulous Sarah Lapolla of Curtis Brown interviewed me. I'll be on her blog today discussing what it was like to get a book deal without an agent. Check it out: http://bigglasscases.blogspot.com

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