Saturday, May 30, 2009


Since I finished writing The Kindrily, I've always wanted to get to the "hotel moment" faster. I've said it out loud to everyone who reads my book. They all nod and say "yup, that's where I got hooked." (including my latest beta reader)

It's not good when the scene your readers get hooked on is over 100 pages into your story. No publisher is going to write "the beginning is a little slow but you'll be hooked at page 128!" on the jacket flap. And even if we lived in Bizarro world, and they did write that, readers would just turn to page 128 and start reading. (I know I would).

SO...this means changes are on the horizon. BIG changes. Not the kind where you copy a few lines of dialogue and paste them to a different place in your story and say "I've made some changes." I'm talking REAL changes. More action, more conflict, less backstory, removing all the godforsaken italics, and inserting sparkly shiny hooks throughout the first however many pages so my readers get pulled through the magical waters of my story.

I knew it needed to be done but I wasn't sure how to do it. My story was the black and white version of this photo (badass artwork by the way--props to ROBO)but soon it will be the improved colorful version. I've figured out what can and needs to be done. Now if I could just stop blogging and get to it!

*Sips Belgian chocolate flavored coffee and smiles.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today was my first day at my new job. My brain is so fried from the chaos that I can hardly think, much less type. I'm happy to have a good job in this crazy economy but I must confess that all day I was clicking my heels together and repeating "there's no place like at home writing."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Okay so Tess Hilmo inspired me to search for beta readers for my book. A few friends and family members have read it and I appreciate their input but I'm thinking I need a few writers to give me constructive criticism.

This weekend I made some changes to the first 50 pages and I'm feeling pretty good about them. I still have a few more changes I want to make but my goal is to be done by this weekend. Once I'm finished (this draft)I'd like to get some feedback.

I read somewhere that you should find betas and ask them to ONLY tell you what they DON'T like. What DOESN'T work. THAT will help you be a better writer. I agree (kind of), so I'm asking for that in my beta readers, but if you also want to tell me what you DID like, I wouldn't object. :)

I realize everyone is buy writing, reading, working, taking care of kids and homes etc. So I don't expect lightning fast response times. And honestly, if you don't enjoy YA (it is older YA) or love stories with magical elements, this probably isn't the book for you. So my feelings won't be hurt if you don't volunteer. However, if you do have some free time and are interested in reading AND CRITIQUING The Kindrily, please let me know. I would be eternally grateful. And of course, I would offer to beta read for you too (though I'm certainly no expert.)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I started rereading The Kindrily last night to see if I could make some "get to the action quicker" changes in the beginning. It's been a couple weeks since I've read it. I fell in love all over again.
I'm a song junkie. My love of music and lyrics is hard wired into my soul. As I was reading a Nathan scene (my oh-so-lovable secondary protagonist) the old David Crosby song HERO played in my head over and over. I don't know if it was the song or Nathan that gave me goosebumps but a few lines from that oldie but goody summarize my love for my book and Nathan. So I thought I'd share.

"It was one of those great stories that you can't put down at night
The hero knew what he had to do and he wasn't afraid to fight...

And the reason that she loved him
Was the reason I loved him too
And he never wondered what was right or wrong
He just knew, he just knew."

Sigh. Such a great song. What about you? Do you have certain songs that relate to or inspire your writing?

PS...Yes that's what Nathan looks like. Different tattoo but he could easily be thought of as an angel so it works :)

Friday, May 22, 2009


ME! :D
As if receiving a blog award today wasn't great enough (Thank you Lady Glamis) I just found out that I am the WINNER of Joyce Wolfley's FIRST EVER CONTEST.

I never win anything. So needless to say I'm thrilled! Plus I'm REALLY a part of history now. FIRST WINNER EVER (of Joyce's blog contests) SO THANK YOU JOYCE! I can't wait to use my $10 Target card to buy a new book.


Thanks so much to Michelle aka Lady Glamis for giving me this award. She's already become a great "blogging world friend" who shares her knowledge, experience, and support.

"These blogs invests and believes in the proximity - nearness in space, time and relationships, they are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends, they are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to another blogger who must include this clever-written text into the body of their award.”

I'm passing the award along to Megan Rebekah . Another aspiring author who I can't wait to share the NY Times Best Seller List with in the future.

Happy Friday to everyone!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Lately I've been hearing a lot about Flash Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Short Stories etc. A few posts ago I mentioned how wings were popping up everywhere in my life. I've also felt like the past couple weeks have been quite the emotional roller coaster ride. And I know some of my writer/blogger friends have been going through similar feelings. I decided to combine all of those Universal recurrences.
Now you're learning about how I write. I notice, I watch, I listen, I analyze (then I over analyze), and usually whilst driving, showering, or making my flavored coffee(belgian Choc toffee today) I create a story in my head. Then I try to type it out on my computer and pray I don't murder it with bad grammar, punctuation errors, and simile over-usage. (I'm sure I did that in the story below--but this was for fun so I'm not stressing over it.)
Yesterday I decided to take my first attempt at a short story. Flash Fiction Online has requirements of 1,000 words or less so I followed their guidelines. Let me know what you think. But be gentle, it's my first attempt.


Each time Jewel promised herself she’d remember, but she never did...

Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm kind of new to the blogging world but I've already met so many great writers since my April 1st inauguration. Today, Joyce Wolfley (another new blogger) is holding her first ever contest on her blog. Her first. As in, the number following zero but before the infinite numbers that may possibly follow.

I've never been part of a FIRST contest. I usually catch onto things after they become popular. So it's kind of exciting to be part of someone's first contest. I'm already visualizing the day when her novel is on the NY Times Best Seller list and I can say "Yup, I knew her when she just started blogging. I even participated in her FIRST contest."

It's the little stuff that makes me happy. The small contributions to history that a rare few may know or care about. But I know, and I care. And I can say I was a part of it.

So, I know anyone reading this is dying to know how they too can be part of such a monumental event. Go to Joyce's blog. and check out her post for today (Monday). You have the chance to read about an aspiring author who offers great advice and is pretty entertaining with her humor, cute photos, and enticing excerpts from her novel, ILLUSIONS. Plus, you have a chance to be part of history. ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009


First off, that photo is a cake. Seriously. I'd almost feel guilty eating it. Almost.

My birthday is coming up and my parents are asking for a birthday list. Said list will consist of books. Fragile Eternity is already on there but I'd like some suggestions from all you writers. (Cuz if you're a writer it means you read a lot.)

I like YA as long as it's that generation Y YA that appeals to us 20 year olds. Oh wait, this birthday will make me 30. I don't care, I'm still gonna read YA. Nobody can stop me! :)~

I'm a sucker for a great love story, or books with magical elements, and I always love to fictitiously fall in love with some new hunk. Books that make me cry--whether because of beauty, love, or sadness--are also good.

So any suggestions?

Writers Should Keep Their Day Jobs

All of us wannabe authors (meaning we offer to give our first born if we can get published) know to keep our day jobs while we write. Once an author is published, any illusions of getting rich off the first book (with the exception of a very rare few) are shattered and they realize they will also need to keep their day jobs.

I'm not disillusioned. I was ready to keep my day job for years while I kept writing til the wee hours of the morning. That is until I found out I was being laid off this morning. As soon as I found out it was a Friday private meeting with my boss I knew what was going to happen. Our company has been struggling. Cut backs, bosses and co-workers have slowly been laid off one after another since xmas. I knew it was only a matter of time. And they always do it on Friday. My boss is a great guy. He even teared up a little during our discussion. I don't blame him. It's not his fault the economy is in shambles. But I did have to laugh at him when he said "I'm really sorry about this... but have a great weekend." Is that why they do it on Friday? They think your weekend will be so great that you'll forget about the fact that you have to start job hunting in an economy where EVERYONE is job hunting.

I've got a dance showcase to perform in this Sunday. I have rehearsals for it tonight. So as much as I'd like to curl up with a gallon of ice cream and a bottle of Riesling, I can't. The show must go on. Literally. And in between the dancing, I'll be writing. Not the wonderful, enjoyable scenes from book two and three of The Kindrily (which is what I WANT to be doing). I'll be writing cover letters and sending out resumes. Does that count towards the 10,000 hours you have to get through to be a successful writer?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Winging It

"From your parents you learn
love and laughter and how to
put one foot before the other.
But when books are opened
you discover you have wings." ~Helen Hayes

Wings. They've been popping up in my life a lot lately.
Have you ever had one of those spurts? Where all of a sudden you see or hear a word or symbol everywhere you look? For the past week, it's been wings for me. More specifically angel wings. Massive black wings that shimmer with subtle hues of iridescent blue. They're beautiful and they comfort me. I've been sick and some very stressful things have been going on in my life lately, but the wings help. At first it was dreams that they were wrapped around me. They showed up three nights in a row in very different dreams. Then I saw them on a man's t-shirt while I was paying for gas. Today I started reading a new book, and the main character described the very wings I had been dreaming about. The wings have my attention. I'm just waiting to see where they carry me, or when and where they'll show up next.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Okay so yes I love writing, but I also love dancing. I've danced all my life and my current studio in Clearwater FL has some AMAZING choreographers pass through from time to time. I've trained with Sabra, winner of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE season 3), GiGi Torres, and most recently we were honored to take master classes with Sonya Tayeh. Her classes were ASTOUNDING. Probably the most fun workshop I've ever taken. Well worth the bruises on my feet, knees, hip and elbow. We get crazy in contemporary class, a few injuries comes with the territory. We cant post the video of our classes because Sonya will be teaching one of the routines in this season's SYTYCD (Starts May 21st by the way.) But let me tell ya, the woman can create masterpieces. Not to mention she's gorgeous, even with a wild mohawk. I mean seriously, any girl that can pull off a mohawk and still be beyond beautiful deserves a little hero recognition.

Happy hump day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm Fighting Swine Flu

Okay that's a lie. It's only a cold but if I say it's swine flu I get much better reactions. Especially if I cough on someone and then say "sorry this swine flu is killing me." That's such a bad joke. Karma Gods are frowning upon me, I can feel it. But I'm hopped up on cold medicine and herbal teas so my logical mind is a little fuzzy. I think I'll call out of work tomorrow so my paranoia about contracting H1N1 doesn't infect my co-workers (or so they don't catch my cold and get hysterical).

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