Saturday, May 30, 2009


Since I finished writing The Kindrily, I've always wanted to get to the "hotel moment" faster. I've said it out loud to everyone who reads my book. They all nod and say "yup, that's where I got hooked." (including my latest beta reader)

It's not good when the scene your readers get hooked on is over 100 pages into your story. No publisher is going to write "the beginning is a little slow but you'll be hooked at page 128!" on the jacket flap. And even if we lived in Bizarro world, and they did write that, readers would just turn to page 128 and start reading. (I know I would).

SO...this means changes are on the horizon. BIG changes. Not the kind where you copy a few lines of dialogue and paste them to a different place in your story and say "I've made some changes." I'm talking REAL changes. More action, more conflict, less backstory, removing all the godforsaken italics, and inserting sparkly shiny hooks throughout the first however many pages so my readers get pulled through the magical waters of my story.

I knew it needed to be done but I wasn't sure how to do it. My story was the black and white version of this photo (badass artwork by the way--props to ROBO)but soon it will be the improved colorful version. I've figured out what can and needs to be done. Now if I could just stop blogging and get to it!

*Sips Belgian chocolate flavored coffee and smiles.


  1. Good luck with it, Karen! Major changes are hard to do, but once you get them done, you'll feel so much better about your manuscript.

  2. Changes is not easy for everyone, you are not alone, Karen. But very glad that at last you have overcome it and big congratulation to you.

    Cheers and have a lovely day everyday,


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