Friday, June 4, 2010


Well, not the actual Hex Hall. I can't pick up the school and deliver it to you. THAT would be a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious contest, wouldn't it? Who wouldn't want to win a school of magic?

But no, I meant win HEX HALL the novel.

See, my loved ones have great taste. In my Bday Bookalicious post I mentioned Sara McClung sending me HEX HALL as a gift. Then last night at my bday celebration with my parents I opened my gifts and guess what? Another HEX HALL!
My mom is an avid reader of my blog so she had seen my post and was bummed that she ordered me a duplicate book. But then, being her usual wise and brilliant self, she said, "Maybe you could give it away on your blog." (She knows me so well.)

Notice returning the book was not an option? As an aspiring author I don't believe in returning purchased books--duplicate or not. Help keep bookstores alive. Help keep an author's sales as high as possible. Don't return books! Instead, share them with the world.

I'll be heading to Disney's Coronado Resort tonight to meet up with Megan Rebekah and some other SCBWI attendees.
If you know anything about Disney, you know they're all about the "Disney Magic."
HEX HALL is all about magic.
Hyperion (a Disney publisher) is the pub house for HEX HALL.

Are you seeing the connection?

So, this will be a "HEX HALL contest with a touch of Disney magic."
One lucky winner will win a brand new copy of HEX HALL by Rachel Hawkins AND a prize revolving around Disney and/or magic. I'm not sure what it will be yet, but I'm going to buy it while at Disney World this weekend. (I will update and add a photo after I find it.)

Since giving away this book was my mom's idea, and because she LOVES Disney (I'm not exaggerating--my parents house is filled with collectibles AND my mom works at one of the resorts part time), SHE will be choosing the winner. (Cool thing is I didn't tell her yet, so when she reads my blog today she'll be surprised. Surprise, Mom! You're choosing the winner!) :)

Here's how you enter:

Leave a comment that will make my mom choose YOU.

It's that simple. Beg, be clever and creative, tell her your best Disney Magic story, whatever. Whichever comment she loves the most will win the prizes. (Oh, and of course, you have to be a supporter, aka follower, to qualify.)

You overseas people--especially my beloved Brits and Aussies--are welcome to enter too. I'm happy to ship internationally.)

My mom will read all the comments (like she always does) and choose a winner Sunday night.
You have all weekend to win her over.
You can enter multiple times (most of you are writers; it's a cruel law of nature that we usually think of something better to write AFTER we hit the send button).
As you can see from this drinking-together-on-a-Disney-cruise pic, my mom is very hip. She has a great sense of humor too, so no need to be all stuffy and formal with entries. Don't hold back!

Good luck to all who enter!
Winner will be announced Monday morning.

(P.S. My mom's name is Sandy in case you want to personalize your entries.)


  1. You have the sweetest mom! The sweetest family from what it seems. How kind of you to give away a copy of a book you were given on your bday! Not to mention how cool is it that you don't return books! I don't return them either so I love to see someone else act the same way!

    As much as I would love to participate I too already own a lovely copy of Hex Hall so I will leave it for another lucky winner... though I'd love a little disney magic!

    Good luck choosing the winner!! I know it will be tough!

  2. Okay here it is: for our first dance for our wedding, my hubby and me danced to "Once Upon a Dream" the waltz from Sleeping Beauty.

  3. Well...I would love a copy of Hex Hall and I have a one year old who loves Mickey Mouse...we watch everyday and he runs around the house in his Mickey pajamas....yelling "Mimi, Mimi"...he would love something "Mimi" from Disney! We love Disney too...I think we own every DVD I started collecting early and still get DVDS from my Mommy on my B'day and Christmas! Disney kid for life here! And apparently creating another! Have a great trip and say hi to "Mimi" for William!

  4. Geez, why don't people tell me their mums read their blogs? I'd try and behave myself more in the comments sections if I knew parental-types were checking in. Okay, that's probably not true. I'd misbehave just as much, since that's kind of what I do. And anyway, if I can make someone's mum giggle with my epic silliness, I chalk that up as a win.

    Hey, does this count as a comment? 'Cause it was more of an internal monologue that just happened to come out my fingertips. Erm... hm. Oh, I know! I shall write a tiny poem to your mother, as my entry. And if I win, I'll totes read the book and pass it on in my own blog contest, cuz I'm nice like that and my karma could really use all the help it can get. *cough*

    Here goes:

    Sandy, lovely Disney mother:
    please, my dear, don't choose another
    writer to receive that book.
    I swear I'm worth a second look!

    I comment on your daughter's blog--
    a lot! I think I'll even flog
    her contest via Twitter. Yes.
    And look! No inappropriateness!

    I really have behaved quite well.
    For me, that's good. No, really! Hell,
    I haven't mentioned alcohol--
    not once! I didn't! Not at all.

    For me, that's out of character.
    (No, I'm not drunk right now. No sir!)
    This ditty's running rather long;
    I should wind up my little song.

    Please like me, Sandy, most of all,
    so Karen sends me her Hex Hall.

    * * * * *

    Er... yes. :)

  5. Hello Ms. Karen's lovely sister - er, I mean mother. It seems that you recognize and appreciate nice things. And you have such a wonderful daughter who always has interesting posts to share with us. You must be proud.

    Anyway I would love a copy of the book but I'm not nearly as creative - er, dorky - as Simon so I will simply share a little story.

    We took a Disney cruise to the Bahamas once and it was wonderful. We had a cabin with a deck and did amazing fun things on shore (swimming with dolphins was the best) and had excellent meals. The restaurant with the light up moving characters on the walls was the coolest ever!

    BTW: Simon knows I'm kidding - he's the silent partner in my crit group - but I wanted to make sure other readers don't think I don't appreciate his snarky wit. Go check out his hilarious blog if you've never been.

  6. great idea for the duplicate book!
    I'm going to enjoy watching this develop =]

  7. Sandy! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

    You know you're daughter is going to be a New York Time Bestselling Author one day right? Right?

    Pick me! Okay, this is a lame comment. Sigh. My favorite Disney character is Pluto. Actually, Minny Mouse. No, Goofy. I love them all...HUGS!

    This comment is borderline insane. But, please do pick me. I would love the book. =)

  8. I need fairy dust right about now, and I do believe, I do. But even if I do not win Hex Hall (I'd move right in), this mother-daughter post has brought magic into my day. Thanks, Karen and Sandy.

  9. I'd love Hex hall! And you must pick me because I have nothing but scary memories of Disney World when I was a child. I need to go back with my own kids and purge my demons.

    YOU can make this happen. If I win Hex Hall, I'll know it's a sign.


  10. Aw, what a sweet contest! I don't have any Disney stories...The last time I went to Disney was in 1991. :-(

    But I did walk down the aisle to "So This is Love," because when I was little my dad used to sing it to me and we would dance together in the living room...and when they lyrics said "touch every star in the sky," he would lift me up to the ceiling and I'd touch the light fixture. :-)

  11. Hi Sandy! You don't need to enter me because I've already got the fabulous book. But I still wanted to say hi, since our great minds think alike and all <3

    Plus, I love your daughter and YOU love your daughter, so it's just one more thing we have in common =) Clearly, I had to say hello!

  12. Okay, so I obviously don't need to win a HEX HALL, but I DID want to say how much I love this contest, and how sweet your mom is! And how fabulous are YOU for spreading the Hexy love?! THANK YOU!!

  13. Have fun at Disney!!

    I've never been at Disney, just at Downtown Disney to do some shopping, but it's one of my dreams (and I'm 23 xD). Its pure Magic. I'm a big fan of Disney's classic movies, and still sing their song with my know, Hakuna Matata. ;)

    I remember the day I went to Downtown Disney, I almost spent all my money buying Pluto's stuff. He is my favorite character! I also played with Legos, and the night ended so fast! Definitely want to go back there sometime!

    Anyway, enjoy! :D

  14. I think it's awesome that your mom reads your blog. You're awesome Sandy!! My Disney story is probably from when I was twelve. Our entire softball team went and some of us spent our time in the hat shop trying on various hats and glasses. We took tons of pictures and looked a little crazy, but it was fun.

    Thanks for the awesome contest, this book sounds like an awesome read!

  15. I have never heard of Hex Hall but I am always open to new genre's and love to read things I may not have picked up for myself.

    That being said...


    I understand that you are a Disney fan. Me too. In fact the first time I went was as an adult to the Millennium celebration. It was above amazing. My husband and I had a truly spectacular time. I wanted it to never end. Sadly it did.

    The day we returned from our trip I started to feel a little under the weather. By the next day I was in the doc's office and diagnosed with a bad case of mono.

    The doctor told me that it was probably being around all the tourist at Disney. When we got home my husband said, "Well we won't be heading back there anytime soon." I told him, "What are you crazy, Disney was so glad that I was there it kissed me sick. I need a t-shirt that say's I got Mono from Disney."

    Two days later he came home with a mickey mouse nightshirt that said "Don't kiss Mickey, he gave me Mono." on the back. It was my favorite t-shirt until it succumbed to too many washings from too much wear.

    I don't know if that story is cute enough to get me the win, but that's okay. It reminded me of why I love Disney so thanks for that!

  16. Parents who buy their kids books for their birthdays are the BEST! (Happy Birthday to you by the way.)

    Sandy, please oh please pick me,
    I would love to read Hex Hall.
    So please oh please pick me,
    I could read it while having tea.


  17. Your Mom is awesome! And how lucky are you to be spending your birthday at DisneyLand with other awesome writers!? Have a magical time.
    I think I want to have cake for breakfast right now! - G

  18. :) Your mom is the sweetest. Happy Birthday, Karen! I hope you'll have a lot of fun.

  19. Awesome contest, Karen! This is *so* going on my blog sidebar. Right now.

    Sandy, I have to confess that I've never been to Disney World, though in my defense I've never had the opportunity. However, I'm a huge Disney fan. I may not be the owner of every Disney movie (I'm workin' on it though), but I own a couple Disney Greatest Hits CDs and now that they're on my iPod I jam to them all the time.

    No, really, my Disney music gets me through my college finals and awful days and makes car rides incredibly interesting. Books are a lot like music in that they can turn your whole day around, and I've heard Hex Hall is definitely capable. (Has anything come out of Disney that doesn't brighten *someone's* day?

    Anyway, I'd love a copy of Hex Hall; I've been drooling over it for months. Now if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to watch Lion King now. : )


    (Good luck, everyone!!)

  20. That's awesome that you don't return books! I really admire that.

    As far as convincing your mom, I'm not sure how well I can do that. I'm really into magic lately, though, because I'll be self-publishing my novella that's all about Cinderella and magic and great stuff like that! And the book was inspired by Disney's Cinderella, interestingly enough. So yay!

    There's my lame attempt, but it's worth a shot!

  21. Well.. When I was little, my mum would not buy me a toy wand and I would throw tantrums (I'm guessing this). Also, I super love Disney because of all the magic they have. Peter Pan is actually my favourite, due to the live action movie starring a very cute actor. D:

    and the fairy dusts in of the fairies!!! I LOVE THOSE FAIRY DUSTS SOOO MUCH! They're so cute. WHY CAN'T I HAVE FAIRY DUST TOO D:

    I went to Disneyland, and I got to take picture with goofy! I felt so starstruck. and when in Disneyland, I felt so much joy! It's like they have this magic to make me feel happy all the time! Only time I didn't feel happy was when that dark roller coaster that made me sick then vomit.

    Of course, being a huge Disney fan (I still watch Disney channel a lot, I just don't buy and collect), I grew up with their movies and songs. When I listen to them now, so many emotions and memories come back. Some songs can even bring me to tears.

    Well, this is not Disney, but Harry Potter's world is where I want to live in. :D To come to think of it, Disney's magical world is a great second choice.

    well I like Simon's entry :D but this is worth a shot!
    feeyonachan at gmail dot com

  22. I love Disney and Hex Hall looks fabtabulous!

    I've been to Disneyland a gazillion times, but here's my best Disney memory so far...

    My husband, daughter, and I went to Disneyland in March, going to the park with some of my husband's family. It was the day of my sister's birthday, but she lives in Arizona. She's a Disney fanatic (she's getting married there next May) so I figured I'd call her at some point when we were in the park. When I was little we used to go to Disneyland all the time, but I haven't been with my family for probably 15 years.

    My daughter this time was three and she had been thrilled to visit Sleeping Beauty's castle and ride the rides for months as we'd prepped her for the trip. (We had to have something to look forward to in the middle of the long Alaskan winters.) By noon we'd hit most of Fantasyland and headed over to Critter Country. My sister-in-law offered to take my daughter on Winnie the Pooh so my husband and I could ride Splash Mountain. We got soaked from head to toe, a direct result of my husband saying he wanted to sit in the front.

    As we were getting off the ride, I heard someone yelling, "Stephanie!" I know approximately 10 people in California- all family- so I knew it wasn't me being hollered at, but figured I'd look anyway.

    It was my sister!

    Turns out she'd forgotten we were coming to Disneyland, but she and her fiancee had decided to drive to the park for her birthday. Later that day I commented that it was weird that we found each other in the park, but we would have figured it out anyway because I was planning to call her. Actually, my goofy sister had forgotten her cell phone charger in Arizona and her phone was dead.

    We ended up having the best day in Disneyland I ever remember, eating at the Blue Bayou, watching the fireworks, and staying almost until the park closed for the night.

    And that's my Disney story!

  23. My best Disney magic ... hmmh ...

    I've never been to Disney World -- parents couldn't afford it when we were kids. I know, from that awful hole in my heart, that I couldn't let The Kiddo NOT go, but, like my parents, money just hasn't been there for us.

    So this year, with the Give A Day/Get A Day, The Kiddo & I (and our family) sewed blankets for the Linus Project, and we are hoping to get to go in October to spend our free day & a few more.

    The Disney Magic? Well, that would have to be the sweet evenings spent with The Kiddo, teaching her what little I knew about blanket stitches. I'm so glad Disney had this promotion, even if the money's not there in October for us to go -- it gave me great memories of sewing with The Kiddo.

    Congrats on whomever is the lucky winner of Hex Hall!

  24. I once tried to walk off with Jaffar's pen. That's right. I'm such a pen-whore of a writer - even back when I was a wee tot - that I walked off with the writing tools of Disney antagonists. I'm bad ass.

    I think if they made the castle from Beauty and the Beast, I would find a way to hijack the Beast's library which I think is my dream library/personal wonderland.

    Even though in reality I might get to some high place on one of those bookshelves and freak myself out to near tears, I'd be able to grab the most awesome book in reach and just start reading. Hopefully one that doesn't begin with someone plummeting to their deaths. Happy days!

    I think all of the Disney resorts should be warned about me. For now I may be confined to the North Island of New Zealand as Napoleon Bonaparte was to Elba...but he escaped and so shall I!

    I have only grown as a Disney enthusiast as I have become older and now, nearing on twenty, with under a week left, I am at my most menacing.

    Pen-wielding Disney antagonists beware! I am coming for you...

  25. Alright, I want HEX HALL so much I'm willing to share a rather personal story rather than making something up (because Disney has always been relegated to movies and a memory...)

    When I was about 7 years old, I was living with my grandparents due to some major familial misunderstandings, outright lies, and a whole bucket-load of drama that ended up with me not living with my parents for three years. That year, my grandfather had gotten a bonus from work and decided to take us to Disney World.

    We stayed an entire week if I remember right (it might've just felt that way, there was so much to do). While we were there, my grandparents sat me down and told me that in the three years I'd been living with them, they'd been in contact with my parents.

    They wanted to know if I wanted to go back and live with them.

    After a couple days of thinking, I decided to go, and it was definitely the best decision of my life.

    Disney World will always be the place where I gained the opportunity to get my family back.

  26. You have no idea how hard it is being witty on demand.

    Well, here's a cute emoticon:


  27. I won't enter because I already have Hex Hall but I just thought I'd that I really, really want to go to a Disney theme park. It's on the top of my list of things I want to do when I go to the US. Seriously.

    Good luck everyone.

  28. That's too funny about the duplicate books. I guess that's why I only get gift cards from the bookstore. That plus no one has any idea what I love to read . . . other than it has to be YA.

    I just borrowed HEX HALL from the library and will hopefully get to start reading it this weekend. I'm going to need to after the intense YA book I'm now reading.

  29. Hmmm... what sort of thing would a mother like to hear?

    It's too bad I don't have a story about me and my mother at Disneyworld or Disneyland. But my mother did take me to dinner last night, and then pet my hair and bought me ice cream because I was feeling sad. :)

  30. Sandy, I agree, you're super hip. In fact, you're hipper than me 'cause I have NO clue what Hex Hall is or who it's about. LOL
    But any parent who buys their kid books is stellar! It's so sweet that you read her blog too.
    Have fun tonight Karen!

  31. Sandy, you sound as awesome as my mother. You support your daughter (by encouraging her writing books as well as faithfully reading her blog), and you have a sense of humor. Let's not forget that you buy her books for her birthday.

    Besides, you raised Karen. And your daughter is such a bright addition to the blogging community. She does so many things to help bookstores and brings awareness to people in need. She supports both Author's and Not-Quite-There-Yet Writers equally. She is a testament to your own parenting skills. We need more parents like you (and my own mother!) in the world - I think it would be a better more magical place.

    And no, I am not just saying these things so you will pick me. Whether I'm chosen or not these things are true. Besides I never say things I don't mean.

    Now I have no magnificent or funny Disney stories to share with you. I WILL have some come September (my best friend and I are going to Harry Potter World and DisneyWorld. But not quite yet.

    This contest is a mash up of my favorite things, Disney, Magic, and books. I was so excited and thrilled at this chance that I had to share the excitement. My best friend and I are entering together. So if we are picked, we're splitting the prize each of us getting one thing (though we'll both read the book - I'll just get to keep it). Doesn't that make you feel better? Instead of only getting to pick one winner, you get to pick two!

    Also, think of this, Ramona (the best friend) is going to school right now to become a Disney Animator - it's her dream, so maybe several years from now when you're watching a movie, she could have drawn one of the characters.

    I know this will be a hard decision for you, you have lots of flattery and excellent comments to choose from, our only edge... is this.

    A picture of Aladdin drawn by my best friend for you to enjoy. Thanks for considering us!

  32. Have a wonderful celebration! Your mom is very cool to provide swag for your blog :)

  33. 1. I don't want this book for me. I'm a high school teacher who has an amazing classroom library (700+ books!) and I really want to add Hex Hall to the collection so my students can love it as much as I did! So if I win, it's actually 200+ high school students who will benefit, not just me!

    2. I used to work at Disneyland! Well, just for ONE parade. The Christmas parade in '97. I was a reindeer, and it was the first year they had girls cast as reindeer, because the reindeer needed to be TALL to fit into the suits. (I'm 6'0") When we first practiced backstage with our heads (they weighed 14 lbs!), it was night and I got SO disoriented trying to see out of the head (our eyes were at the neck of ol' Comet and Cupid) that while running through the parade I got turned around and ended up running into a chain link fence. If that wasn't bad enough, my reindeer antlers GOT STUCK IN THE FENCE. So there I was, reindeer head, middle of the night, totally stuck and flailing around until some nice people came and unstuck my antlers from the fence.

    It was one of my finer moments, for sure.

    3. Happy birthday! :-D

  34. UPDATE:

    Last day to enter and my mom has been very impressed with quite a few of the entries. Only one copy of HEX HALL be given away, but she's been talking about buying "honorable mention" prizes while she's working at Disney today.

    So be sure to enter! You never know what you might win.

  35. Mom,

    I took my offspring (she was 1 at the time) to Disney World in the sweltering heat. When we first arrived, we bought a stupid nine foot balloon and tied it to the stroller. The thing wouldn't pop and smacked strangers in the head as we walked.

    We rode no rides. We bought no swag, and baby was on the verge of a heat stroke. It took us nine hours, one shared bottle of water(we had little money after the tickets)and half an ice cream cone (baby dropped it) to meet the infamous Mickey and Minnie mouse.

    Was it worth it just to see her eyes light up when Mickey hugged her? Every second.

  36. Sandy,

    Disney has been with us for many years and it's magic captured my daughter's imagination. Yes, sometimes to the extreme as she can be obsessive from the age of three till eight Disney princesses, fairies, books and films where all she would talk about. My girl had many communication and social issues and all these stories we used to teach her talk, behave well and even keep an eye contact. Once only she lost the sence of reality and attempted to fly out of the balcony dressed up as Tinkerbell. I don't hold Disney responsible, just over active imagination. Today, my girl is a successful little actress, and although, at the age of 12, "grew out of pink and fluffy", I am greatfull for the magic and inspiration which it gave us to let the little flower blossom.

    I, personally, still get excited at the intro of all the films and await the appearance the fairy :-)

  37. Sandy - I could not stop the grin from spreading across my face when I saw the pics Karen posted. You remind me of my own mother. She is a woman who I can only hope to be a quarter of the mother she has been to me. She loves life and has taught me that dreams are possible no matter what. She is strong, she is beautiful, she is loving, she is humble and she is my favorite girlfriend.

    When I was young she took me to see Sleeping Beauty at a small, one screen theater. I remember the smell of popcorn, the large cherry coke (my fave) and the feel of her hand holding mine. We sat side by side watching Aurora as she charmed the woodland creatures and my young heart with her voice. I remember the excitement of Prince Philip as he rode to save her and the fear that he would not make it in time. I left the theater knowing that I too was a Princess, that I wanted to dance with owls in the forest and that my mother was the most amazing woman in the world. My love for Disney never wavered from that moment forward. I sought out every movie, every cartoon and would excitedly jabber about how we needed to see it together.

    She never failed. We would go, select our tasty treats, sit through a beautiful movie and solidify a bond unlike any other. Its true that it hopefully wold have happened no matter who made the movies/stories but it was Disney.

    It's Disney World that my mother and father traveled to my senior year with me & my now husband as a senior trip.
    It's Disney World where I worked for a year and had my mother visit in order to experience the magic I had always loved again and again.
    It's Disney World where four years ago we gathered 60 friends and family to share in the wedding of a lifetime. Where my mother kissed my cheek, tied the bows on my wedding gown and held me close before I vowed to love the most amazing man in the world.
    It's Disney World where we took my nieces and nephews last August in order for them to experience the magic of imagination.
    It's Disney World where my heart pounds as I walk to the gates and my eyes tear up every time I stand in front of the castle.

    Disney is more than cartoons, movies, memorabilia and television is a state of mind. Where dreams are more than we can imagine and that anything is possible if you just believe.

    It is Disney that moves me no matter what stage of life I am in.

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. You should actually feel sorry for me and my Disney experience. When I was thirteen, I visited the place with my family...on my birthday. So my parents had a great time playing it up to all the characters that I was finally a teenager. Everything went all well and good...until Goofy PANTSED me. =O Disney World. It was truly traumatic. Yeah, I haven't been back since. But maybe a copy of Hex Hall from a true Disney lover can take away from some of the Goofy-sting. So please, Dear Sandy, mother of Karen, renew my faith in Disney as something good!

    Haha. Great idea, both of you.

  40. I'd love to win the book! You and your mom look like you're very good friends. I've got five kids, but my oldest is a girl, and I love how close we are. Right now I'm deep into the mom role, but every once in a while I get a glimpse of the friend-to-be, and I think it's very exciting! Mind you, it definitely helps that my girl is as big a bookworm as her mother...Does your mom like to read too?

  41. Hey Sandy,

    Karen put a squirt gun to my head--a magic squirt gun that shoots pixie dust and makes daiquiris--to make sure I commented before the time ran out. I guess I have a few minutes left!

    So my Disney Magic happened when Drizella and Anastasia took me to Disney After Dark. They said they had a few "jobs" for me in their club. I can't get into the details on this public forum, but next time I'm down that way, I will gladly go over the details with you and Karen--over A LOT of daiquiris.

    Here is a pic right before Drizella and Anastasia abducted me.

    Thorn Between 2 Roses

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