Friday, November 25, 2011


Holy mackerel! (pun might or might not be intended) It's here.
Tangled Tides
is officially being released into the world TODAY.

Anyone wanna squee with me? SQUUEEEEEEEEE!

*pinches self*
Nope, still real. This. Is. Happening.
Time to get out of bed and let it sink in. (Plenty more water puns where that one came from.)
(I don't really sleep with that giant seashell, but I might really sleep with my books. And I don't brush my hair with a fork. I was only impersonating Ariel. ((See the Little Mermaid statue on my dresser.))

The release day of my debut definitely calls for a celebration.
With that being said, the characters of Tangled Tides are magical, and some of them can be very loving, helpful, and kind most of the time. However, almost all of them are also badasses in some shape or form, and they aren't afraid to fight dirty to protect their kind. Therefore, this celebration can't be all rainbows and glittery starfish. We will be celebrating with a war.

That's right. Today is Black Friday, Tangled Tides Day, and...
Underwater Web War Day

Tangled Tides contains battling merfolk and selkies, plus meddling sirens and vengeful gorgons. Someone has to triumph, or none of the sea creatures will ever return to their world--or survive in ours. War has been declared and YOU must choose a side.

Don't know enough about merfolk, selkies, sirens or gorgons to choose a team?
Here's a chart to help with your decision...

MERFOLK: of the sun, need warmth, gifted singers, can control water. Fun fact: in my story merfolk are ranked by color. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet (yes, the rainbow. And yes, my MC makes fun of it.) Each rank has a designated role and duties to their kind. Also, they must smoke C-weed to survive. You'll have to read the book to find out what C-weed is.

SIRENS: of the sun, need warmth, seductive singers, can control the weather. Fun fact: There are 3 siren sisters, one for each of the original gorgon sisters who were eternally banished to the dark and cold gorgon grotto. The sirens fly and swim between the worlds doing the gorgon sisters' dirty work, but the sirens evolved to be feisty rebels who do whatever they want most of the time--including stealing memories from humans.

SELKIES: of the moon, need cold, phenomenal dancers, can control human minds. Fun fact: selkies need the cold to survive but they're trapped in warm FL weather, so they hang out at Jack Frost's, a bar that is freezing cold and everything (seats, tables, walls, etc) are made out of ice. Their chic fur coats also help keep their bodies cool. They smoke seagarettes and have lots of scars that are invisible to humans.

GORGONS: of the moon, need cold, slithery dancers, can control the sea creatures (the original 3 gorgon sisters are like the gods of their world). Fun fact: Just like Medusa, the gorgons can turn any living thing to stone, but they aren't the heartless evil monsters that are portrayed in most legends. They are wicked smart, fast, and powerful. The male gorgons are tough as rock.


I'm giving away a signed copy of my book and some other sea creature themed prizes. To enter, join the Underwater Web War on Twitter. Tweet which sea creatures you’re rooting for and why. Include the hashtag #TangledTides and you could win!

And, just so it's easy for others to see which side is winning, please leave a comment telling us which sea creatures you're fighting with.

Some awesome and badass human bloggers have already joined the war. They are posting their favorite sea creature image to show their support, so go check out their post today and see who they're siding with. They might even tell you why. (Insider tip: This knowledge may win you a prize on Twitter later!)

Wanna show your favorite sea species some love? Post your choice on your blog, sidebar, or on Facebook or Twitter, and earn extra entries in the contest. Feel free to snag one of the pics from below. (These were created by the amazing and talented Alexandra Shostak--AND 3 of the four images appear in the book!)

Fantasy SIRENS Tangled Tides SELKIES young adult MERFOLK romance GORGONS

What's that, you ask? Who am I rooting for?
I am the author. Therefore, I get to root for all of them. ;) Merfolk, selkies, sirens an gorgons FTW!

Thanks so much for stopping by to celebrate my big day.
My gratitude is deeper than the oceans.
Help yourself to some cake! :)


ebook at Amazon (Read the first few chapters for free!)
Ebook and sample also available at Barnes &

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  1. Squeeeee!!! Go selkies! I'm so excited for you and the release of Tangled Tides! I'll be joining in the Twitter party today. :)

  2. YAY KAREN! Congratulations on your release! I'm so excited for you. Have lots of fun today! :-D

  3. CONGRATS!!!!! YAY!!! *throws confetti* GO SIRENS! LOL, this is fun. Thanks for including me ;o)

    Can't wait to read it!!!

  4. *squee* Congrats, Karen! I can't wait to receive my copy of TT. Thanks again! And I think I will help myself to some cake. *takes a small piece* =D

  5. Congratulations! I am delighted for you. I'mo ff to announce my side on Twitter. GO, GORGONS!!

  6. Ohmygosh! I'm all kinds of ecstatic for you!!! SUCH AN AMAZING STORY!!!

    Yay, Karen!!!

  7. Happy release day! Um ... yeah, of course you must KNOW, I'm rooting for the Sirens ... ;o)

  8. Whoo hoo! Happy Book Bday and Yay for the Sirens! =)

  9. I totally added this to my blog because I love the idea, so I'm doing it too!! And heck yes, I'm team Gorgon!

  10. LOL! Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TT!

    Secondly, I love your room! Haha, especially that pic you hang above your bed. And what's with the strategic placement of TTs?>:| LOL, and that's a GIANT fork!

    Thirdly, why, in the name of Poseidon, do you have a ginormous wooden fish statue?

    Fourthly, I WANT THOSE BOOKS AND CAKE! I love TT's cover! It's so gorgeous!

    Fifthly, you already know this, and copying what you said on twitter, merFTW! Merfolks you rock my underwater socks so much!

    Sixly, Karen, Selkies are not birds... The picture with the one word info is wrong! Selkies are bloodthirsty seals who love the moon and night! They are the vampires of the underwater worrrrld!

    And lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!

  11. Congrats on the book launch, Karen. I'm all for the Sirens. I want to sing like them. That would be soooo cool.

  12. I'm all for gorgons. Gorgons unite! Happy book birthday! Can I borrow your big fork? I have some major issues with my hair. LOL

  13. Congrats, Karen!

    Happy Book Birthday!


  14. Sirens FTW!
    I can't vote on Twitter cuz I never opened an account (so much to do, so little time) Now I'm missing out!
    Have a great party today, Karen. You deserve this so much. I'll give my plush whale a squeeze in honor of you--he sings!

  15. Congratulations, darlin'! A toast to your book's succcess! (With coffee instead of vodka, since it's only 10 a.m. right now.)

    Oh, and sirens FTW! :)

  16. Congrats!!! Those pictures are so fun :)

    Sirens FTW!!!

  17. Team Gorgon!!

    Have some cake for me, Karen! (i'm still too full from turkey day, blerg) Happy Book Birthday! Can't wait to get home so I can read Tangled Tides!

  18. Congrats, Karen!

    Happy Book Birthday!

    GO sirens

  19. I haven't quite decided yet, but wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS, Karen. Wishing you all the best with your book with lots of teen and adult readers. LOVE the pic of you in bed, brushing hair with fork, lol!!

    Okay, back to re-reading the post!

  20. Alrighty...I in with the Sirens, man!

  21. Thanks so much, everyone! It's a crazy buy day but I will comment to everyone personally later this evening. Please know that I'm reading every comment and smiling super big. :)


  22. Congratulations girlie! Love these pics--and I want some cake!!!! :D

  23. I'm in with the selkies!!!

  24. Me and the selkies are on it!
    I cannot wait for this release!

  25. SELKIES! Seagarettes, anyone? Enough said.

  26. I'm all for hangin' with the Selkies. I don't really like the cold but I can rock a fur coat and I wouldn't mind being able to control

    Congrats!!! Can't wait to read it!

  27. Congrats on getting your book out. What a wonderful fun thing, and your story sounds facsinating! I don't have twitter, but I just wanted to tell you that I don't know if I could choose. I might say siren, because the symbol of the bird is awesome, and honestly who wouldn't want to fly?

  28. LOL @ combing your hair with a fork!

    Congratulations! <3<3

  29. I'm going with Merfolk!

    Great contest--can't wait to read!!

  30. I love how you're brushing your hair the way Ariel does it. Haha!

  31. Congratulations! I confess I have never heard of selkies before today.

  32. Congratulations (once again!). It's a shame I'm not on Twitter, but I've had a lot of fun reading about the characters in your novel.

  33. Congrats! Beautiful cover (and yummy cake :-)) I´m on team merfolk :-) Too bad Í don´t have a twitter but your book is on my Christmas wish list...

  34. Congratulations, Karen! I heard about you through Michelle D. Argyle, and am super excited for you! I wish you much happiness and success!

    PS: Gorgons kick butt!

  35. Also, passed along the information on my blog :)

  36. I'm merfolk. And always will be. P.s- You're book ROCKS!:)

  37. The cake is beautiful and I love the fork photo!

    And Selkies FTW!!!

    Congratulations on the birth of your book baby. I am so happy for you and thrilled to see Tangled Tides out in the world.



  38. It was fun fighting the good fight with you! I hope you had a fabulous release day!! :D

  39. congratulations on all your success. nice to meet you:)

  40. I can't wait to read the book! And GO SELKIES!

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