Friday, October 30, 2009

Got Questions?

These days we can connect with anyone virtually. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. People all over the world can be found and connected with others through a few clicks of the mouse. Folks give updates on anything and everything that happens in their life (or someone else's.) Their thoughts, questions, ponderings, and such, are out there for all the world to see.

It has me wondering, does anyone really care what others have to say? Or do we just enjoy seeing ourselves and our words out there in the universe?

I've met some wonderful friends through blogging. My writing group has become so near and dear to me that I'm not sure what I'd do without those three gals in my life. I've reconnected with old friends on Facebook. I've learned personal tidbits of info on people via Twitter (some I find funny or fascinating--others not so much.)I really enjoyed reading the comments on my last post. I enjoyed getting to know more about all my blogging buddies. I want to know more!

Many times I find myself wanting to ask semi-famous people questions, but I refuse to feel like one of those stalker types, so I only lurk in the shadows of their social networking sites. I am by no means semi-famous, but I do wonder if any of my blog readers have questions they'd like to ask me. Does anyone really give a hoot about me or my life except for the minuscule parts I blog about? Probably not. But maybe. I think it's a fun social experiment to find out.

Usually I hold my cards close to my chest with strangers, but most of you don't feel like strangers to me anymore. So, if you have something you'd like to ask, I'm making myself an open book for a couple days. Ask away. I will answer all questions in my next post. There's only one catch. You have to post a random or interesting fact about yourself. Yup, this is a give and take relationship.


  1. Of course we want to hear about your life and all the stuff you blog about - otherwise we wouldnt be followers. (This, at least, goes for me)

    I do actually have a question, your book The Kindrily...I'm not sure if you said this anywhere else (Im a recent edition to your blog) but I went to your site (I was intrigued) and the characters all have elements... Are they elementals? Or are they just more intune with nature? I was wondering, because Ive been working on my book about elementals since last November and it would be really cool if someone else is writing a book about it too! Though its also cool doing something no one else seems to be doing.... hmmm.

    Random fact about me?

    I have a partial phootographic memory. So I can read something once and recall it, its not always perfect (like sometimes it can take awhile for me to place it). I dont normally tell people that, so maybe, if anyone asks you more personal questions itll give you some courage to answer them!

  2. Question for you: Do you have any other projects in the works besides your Kinderly series?

    Fact about me: I'm secretly addicted to the game show network.

  3. I usually care about what people say, but the caring goes deeper the more I know the person. Like on blogs, I'm affected more and I care more about that person. ON facebook, it just depends. But I'm almost always curious. :-)

    I guess I would ask you how you're liking it here, how your job is going and if you think you'll ever move back to where you came from. :-)

  4. Oh, dang, I have to give too? LOL I don't know any interesting facts about myself that you probably don't already know. LOL Hmmm, well, I used to love to learn languages. I was speeding into capable spanish before I had my kids and got bit by the writing bug. :-)

  5. I want to know more about your dancing! I've seen the facebook pictures and I know it is something you love, but how long have you been doing it? Did you ever think you'd dance professionally? Do you teach or take lessons? Details please.

    Something interesting... hmmm... well I had jaw surgery just after my senior year in high school because I got in a bike wreck with a great dane. My mouth was wired shut for a month and I lost like 10lbs. Unfortunately my face was insanely swollen so I looked chubbier. :)

  6. I have a question. Are you ever going to send me the rest of The Kindrily to beta read? Or even just read without critting if your past that phase. I wanna know how it ends!!! QQ

    p.s. QQ = sad eyes brimming with tears.

  7. Question: Are you planning a sequel to Kindrily?

    Tidbit about me: My voice sounds so young that when I answer the phone they always ask if my mom or dad are home.

  8. Question: What's your favorite food and do you eat it often?

    Fact about me: I love cashews. A LOT. I often can't afford them, lol.

  9. It's my first visit here, so I don't know too much about you, but can't resist a challenge. So here goes - on your website I was quite blown away by the enthusiasm for writing, the way you started suddenly and threw yourself into it quite obsessively. I'm also in awe of your word counts - 200,000 words on four books in less than a year, if I'm not mistaken. Impressive!! So my question is whether your enthusiasm is constant, day in day out, or whether you have found it waning sometimes as you write for longer. And if you do have bad days, what do you do to overcome them?

    Random fact about me: I've lived in cities all my life (London and New York), but only really felt at home when I'm out in the countryside. Never had the courage to leave behind all the city 'opportunities' and move to the cottage in the Outer Hebrides that I always wanted.

  10. I wonder that as I see people post thing after thing on Twitter...who are all these people reading these random commentaries?

  11. Where is your favourite place?
    Where would you love to go but haven't been yet?

    My random fact: I have been to India five times and I plan to go again next year.

  12. I know you like a good glass of white wine. Me too... but I'm an amateur!
    Which is your absolute favorite?

    Fact about me: I am very good in remembering actor's faces & voices. "That's the guy that played in..." It gets my family everytime. They say I should work for the FBI. :) Not my calling!

  13. OK, here's a question: can you guess what I left for you on my blog? if not, check it out :)

    PS this isn't a spam comment as much as it may sound like one, haha

  14. How did you meet M'N'M aka the Transcendental Trilogy?
    Random fact about me...Up until the age of two, every single joint in my body was double-jointed.
    PS. I just read that Michael Buble apparently is a CAD who chases women and smokes dope. The grannies and glitterati here in Vancouver are all up in arms about it, shocked and stunned! Oh well! - G

  15. Question: Are any of your characters religious?
    Fact about me: I'm over the top obsessed with my own story ; )

  16. Hey- I'm a newbie to your blog, and like the other newbie, I'm game... so here goes... which of your characters do you love the most?

    about me: I really should be studying but this blog distracted me :)


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