Monday, October 12, 2009

Change of FireHeart

Debbie Ohi aka InkyGirl (or on Twitter InkyElbows)always has great tweets. She tweets links to literary news and happenings, writing advice, etc. Today she tweeted a link to a blog post by Alegra Clarke on Editor Unleashed about NaNoWriMo.

Dang it.

I've been trying not to get sucked in the November madness. November is jam packed with my trip home to Baltimore, NFL football games, fall frolicking at the beach when the weather cools down, possible moving, Thanksgiving, my annual early xmas trip to Disney World with my family. The list goes on and on.

I can't write a 50k word novel in November!
I mean sure I wrote a 150k word novel in a little over two months last winter, but I was insane and out of touch with most of reality for those two months. I don't want to go through that again.

Oh wait. Yes I do.

That "creative state of crazy" was one of the best times of my life. The thought of writing a first draft of a whole new novel in one month excites me. I get to conjure up new people in a new world with new adventures, problems, character flaws, and of course (since it's me writing the story) there will be a whole lot of magic and fantasy.

So, Alegra and Debbie, you have twisted my arm. I have caved. NaNoWriMo here I come.

My username is FireHeart. (My acupuncturist told me I was a "FireHeart" during our last session. Since I was a child I've wondered what my name would be if I was a CareBear, so now I know. FireHeart. I like it. Now I need a cool picture for my belly.)

Are you up for the NaNoWriMo challenege? Have you already registered? If so let me know what your username is so we can all cheer each other on. Ya know like, "CareBear Stare!!!" Sorry, can you tell I loved the CareBears?


  1. Welcome to the craziness of Nano! I've already befriended you on the website.

    (Grumpy Bear was my favorite, until he was accidentally left behind at a hotel in South Carolina. It was a sad day for me. I'm also told that No Heart used to make me cry. I don't remember this, and would like to believe that young me was tougher than that.)

  2. I love carebears too!

    My NaNo name is Jade_is_awesome, which is pretty self-explanatory.

  3. Welcome to NaNo!

    This is my 5th year and I have made some AWESOME friends by getting involved and going to local Write-Ins.

    November is always crazy busy for me, too, but I've managed to get to 50K every time. You can do it!

  4. I wasn't going to register until you emailed. I thought I'd just try to finish my next novel by the end of November and kind of pretend like it was NaNo. But everyone was doing it, so I joined the bandwagon too. It will be fun! I'm excited!

  5. Awesome! Hope it goes great for you! I'm sitting this year out. Good luck!

  6. Well, Fireheart, looks like you're following the fire in your heart! Have a great crazy creative time. Do remember to eat every now and then and maybe smile at a stranger.

  7. Yay! Another victim... um, I mean buddy! I'm about to start a new novel and this year's NaNo coincides perfectly. Can't wait.

    I'm AKAVIVA. That's because when I'm not VR, I really am Viva - the name my parents stuck me with.

  8. I'm getting ready to join, too. Isn't the thought of writing a whole new novel in one month so exciting that you can't resist? I can't! I'll look you up when I sign in.

  9. I'm not going to attempt it. I'd have to be serious about my writing before I did something this nuts. ;)

    Good luck to you, FireHeart Bear!

    And yes, I saved all the Care Bears I collected as a child. :D

  10. good luck everyone! and god bless you guys and gals for being able to pump out that much writing in such a short time =)

  11. It sounds like fun, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to attempt this yet. Good luck to you.

  12. Here comes the craziness of NaNoWriMo. Will we survive?


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