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Guess My Character Blogfest

The brilliant and creative
Jen at UNEDITED is hosting the fun and fabulous Guess That Character Blogfest.

I actually remembered to participate in this one. Yay me! (Jen, thanks for the reminder.)

Here we go...

The rules are:

August 19th
Post a snippet of the character you'd like to be identified. Try and make sure there are no descriptions of what they might look like. This blog fest is based purely on voice, action and personality.

August 20th
The Big Reveal!!!! You will post a picture of your character (or representing how you see your character) with a short description of his/her personality and who you thought was the closest person to being correct (if anyone was close).

MY SNIPPET (from The Kindrily):

My first day of school had been pretty lame until River Malone—Jaguar Boy—made a repeat appearance in my last period music class. I sat in the back row to avoid being seen, but River pulled a chair in front of my desk and straddled it so he was facing me. My pulse started pounding between my ears.

Our teacher hadn’t announced his name yet, but he didn’t look pleased. “Mr. Malone, eyes to the front of the room please.”

“In a sec!” River replied without taking his focus off of me. He lowered his voice and leaned so close that I could smell the mint he was sucking on. “Something about you left an imprint on my soul. You’ve been stuck in my head all day.”

I clicked my pen repeatedly as if the noise would make up for my stunned silence.

“Mr. Malone!” Our teacher yelled. The rest of the class turned to watch us.

“I said in a second.” River retorted calmly—the epitome of cool.

The teacher held up a pad of pink paper, shaking it in the air as he spoke. “Your second is up. Turn around right now or you will be taking a trip to the principal’s office.”

River rose out of his seat in one stealth move, then strutted towards the front of the room. He took the pad from the teacher's hand, tore off the top sheet, slammed it against the blackboard, and scribbled on it.

“I do love a good trip,” he said. “I’ll sign my own ticket.” He blew the flabbergasted teacher a kiss and some of the class laughed or clapped as he swaggered back down the aisle to my desk. He took my pen out of my hand, tucked it behind his ear, then winked at me. “I’m going to write a song about you.”

After the classroom door shut behind him, I looked up to see every person in the room staring at me. My plan to go unnoticed had failed beautifully.

So what do you think?
What does River look like?


  1. Dark eyes, longish dark hair. Leather coat and tight jeans. The classic bad boy dreamer. At least that's the way he came across in my head. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Black hair that hangs partly across his forehead. Vivid green eyes that spark with mischief. Lanky, long-legged, long fingers, strong hands. Wears a braided bracelet, jeans, boots.

  3. I loved this!!! So much fun and I always fall for the bad boy type so River is right up my alley!!

    My Guess: Arrogant and full of himself (oh wait, I am supposed to describe his looks... so much for my stupid blog fest rules) I think he has messy brown hair (sexy of course) with perfect round brown eyes (though color would be nice too) scruffy look (uber sexy) and your typical jeans and white t-shirt kind of guy.

    Honestly I don't care what he looks like, I just wan tthe rest of the story so that I can dive into all that is him and read until my hearts content!

  4. Oh baby--I'm likin' him.
    Dark almost black hair that hangs to his chin.
    Hazel eyes that contain an hint of green.
    Somewhat built without overdoing it.
    I really can't wait to see him. :)
    Nicely done!

  5. Oh man, I'm sure he's a hunk. I love him already! Writing his own ticket!

    He's got shaggy brown hair, dark snappy eyes, a cleft chin sort of like Travolta, and abs to die for.

  6. Hi,

    Just loved this piece, and I'm going out on a limb here, no doubt, in saying River comes over just like Patrick Swayze in my eyes: his looks and body language.


  7. What a fun game! Hmm, what does River look like? I can't get Johnny Depp out of my mind's eye. He's got a bit of an Edward Scissorhands goth style, but he also has the tough persona of Dillinger in public enemies and the swagger of Jack Sparrow from POTC. - G

  8. I envision an actor like Cam Gigandet as River, although he might be a tad bit old. But he possesses all of the qualities I gleam of River from your piece. :)

  9. LOL! What a character!
    I imagined Nicholas Hoult... River reminded me so much of Tony Stonem.

  10. This was a great read! I really enjoyed the interaction between characters.

    Hes a teen obviously, I'd say wearing mostly black, has that suave look about him dark brown hair with blue eyes and hes musical, so maybe he has studs at the sleeves of his

  11. I'm picturing Heath Ledger in 10 Things I hate about you.

  12. I'm seeing Patrick Verona from 10 things I hate about you (The series not the movie) So the actor Ethan Peck. Very sexy bad boy.

  13. hehehehe! I can't guess because it'd be cheating ;-) What a super fun blogfest though :) :)

  14. Ooh, I likey! I'm guessing dark brunette hair, dark eyes...maybe slightly tanned. A tattoo?!!?

  15. I don't see him as tall, but he's biggger than life. Brown hair combed back but some of it falls on his forehead. Steel blue eyes, strong chin. Arrogant, trouble-making but I'm guessing he falls hard in love.

    Like the drama and your girl trying to go unnoticed:)

  16. Like Margo said, I also pictured an old school, young John Travolta! There is a subtle retro vibe to this excerpt.

  17. LOVE this! I pictured River Phoenix, actually...with the longer hair flopping in his eyes. Average build, sandy blonde hair and blue(?) eyes. Confidence through the roof.

    I want more, please!

  18. He is the classic bad boy poet. And WOW the balls on that kid. The guy has good hair and eyes that twinkle with the devil.

  19. I guess because his name is River, but I'm seeing River Phoenix. He's got longish blond hair, an angular face, blue eyes, and yes, the epitome of cool.

  20. Nice! Love the name River, too!
    Since he is the epitome of cool, I'd say he's a bit taller than the other boys... dresses in dark, loose fitting clothes.. has messy sand colored hair with a slight curl to the ends. Piercing blue eyes, and a smirk to die for.

  21. Oh River what a bad, bad boy you are ;--) Let's see: longer messy brown hair, soulful dark eyes, lean and tall.

  22. I'm going to have to go with messy brown hair and cobalt blue eyes because that was honestly what I had in mind while I pictured this. And for clothes...hmmm white t-shirt and jeans. I have a feeling I'm way off, lol.

  23. Loved this snippet! River - you had me at 'the epitome of cool.' ;))

    I see River as a musician-indie band type guy. Blonde tousled hair, maybe a little long. Tall, lanky build...deep blue eyes that make you stare without apologising and big mouth! A songwriter too so I'm guessing he's a thinking, very intense. Witty and charming. Did I miss anything? ;))

  24. Wow, I imagine River with black, messy hair. He's a bit lanky, but tall for his age. He has green eyes and an angular face. lol. I can't wait to hear what you think of mine!

  25. Okay, totally picturing Colin Farrell here -- dark hair, dark eyes, come-hither good looks, struts when he walks, devilish grin. Yikes!

    Can't wait to meet him tomorrow! :D

  26. Bad boy to a T. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, shredded jeans, heavy metal band t-shirts, and a leather jacket. He's 6' and a lean muscular build.

  27. After a day of guessing all kinds of characters, I am going to go wild on this one! River has bleached his hair white and colored the tips with something that nearly glows, like electric blue. He has a body piercing, but I'm not sure where. His eyes are an indeterminate hazel, but they always seem to be laughing. He's wearing low riding jeans and a sleeveless shirt. There's a tattoo on one of his muscular arms.

  28. Mocking, bad-boy eyes masking a troubled past with his father hence his issues with authority figures.

    Tall, lean, muscular to let him get away with his strutting behavior.

    A lonely soul wrapped tight in layers of attitude and sneer lest what is left of his spirit is completely drowned by the insecurity he hides as if his life depends upon it.

    How did I do? Roland

  29. That was super! I so got her insecurities and his bad boy attitude. I'm guessing she's hot, bu doesn't have a clue...

  30. Sounds like a bad boy who knows he's good-looking. I don't think he's a leather-clad biker type, though, if he intends to write a song about her. More the rebellious rocker type: long chestnut hair down to his shoulders, denim cut-off vest over a ragged white T-shirt, tight-fitting jeans, leather straps round the wrist, piercing green eyes.

  31. Hi Karen! I'm so late getting here -- sorry! I tried to get to every entry yesterday, but fell short. Anyhoo, this morning I closed my eyes and scrolled to your entry without looking at the reveal photo. So, here's my guess at River (and how cool that I can just scroll back up and see immediately how wrong I am! *wink*)

    River is a tall boy, nearly 5'11". His build is lean and muscular, and he looks amazing in a tee shirt and jeans the way Kenny Chesney does. He's got dark brown hair that he wears slightly messy (he coifs with a touch of hair wax every morning). His eyes are dark blue, almost navy. He wears boots with his jeans.

    Okay, scrolling up. Have a great weekend!

  32. Hello there!

    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. I'm glad to meet another teen writer, and I will definitely check out your page on Inkpop! I wanted to add a link on my blog to the site, but I can't find out where the little box-links are for Inkpop and Deviantart on the sites (I'm obviously still getting used to this site :])

    You're characters are very interesting, so I can't wait to read the story going along with them! Keep me updated!



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