Thursday, August 19, 2010


Day 2 of Jen's, Guess That Character Blogfest.
Thanks, Jen! This was so much fun.

Two more snippets from The Kindrily will give you a good idea of my character, River. Here they are:

I hadn’t noticed the black-haired guy from the parking lot—Jaguar Boy—was sitting beside me until he gave his introduction. He stood up and leaned against my desk before he spoke. I scooted back, trying to get some distance from his uncomfortable closeness, and my chair nearly toppled over. Luckily, Jaguar Boy had the full attention of the class.
“You all know me. I’m River Malone, lead singer of the Rebel Junkies—future professional rock star."

Now that I really looked at him, he did look like a rock star. His jet black hair blended into a subtle fauxhawk. He wore typical rocker clothes; dark jeans and a black t-shirt scribbled with random artwork. A leather band circled each of his wrists and tattoos peeked out from his sleeves and collar. He looked dangerous, but I assume rockers tried to give off that vibe.
When the bell rang announcing the end of class, River leaned over my desk. “Sorry, didn’t catch your name during your intro.”
He did have a nice voice, raspy but confident.
“Uh, Maryah.”
“Okay, Uh Maryah, I’m River.” His lips parted, revealing perfect straight teeth. “See ya.”
“Sure.” I nodded like a dimwit. Hot guys made me nervous.

And there you have it. Spoiled by an absent family member with presents, but lacks a loving presence in his life. Everything has been handed to him (including a brand new Jaguar) but he doesn't appreciate any of it and believes he's entitled to more. Cocky, total bad boy, with a troubled soul. The kind of guy every parents fears their daughter will fall for.

Several people guessed the dark hair, a few mentioned a bad boy, a couple even guessed the tattoos and wrist bands, but nobody guessed the fauxhawk.

Brenda came the closest as far as physically describing him. Roland nailed his personality.

Thanks for playing! I'm sorry if I didn't comment on everyone's entry, but I ran out of time last night. I will try to comment on all of the reveals.


  1. I loved River!!! This is such a great piece and then to give us two extra little snippets, I'm in awe of the awesomeness!

    Thanks a bunch for participating! It was insanely awesome and I can't believe what an awesome turn out and wild ride it's been!

  2. What a hottie! I was wrong about the hair, and didn't think of tats, but other than guess wasn't embarrassingly off. LOL!

  3. I think I was pretty close...which is good for me! :)

    Great character!!

  4. Shoot! How did I miss your post yesterday? I didn't get to guess, dang it! Still lots of fun though, thanks Karen!

    Today's guest blogger is Renae Mercado!

  5. Yay, got the hair and tattoos! Love the descriptions...sounds just like the kind of guy I would've dated in HS. :)

  6. Cute guy! You've described him well. My character is kinda similar... I guess... at least, he's based on a famous person who used to have an all-out mohawk. Come ogle if you like. ;)

  7. I commented on so many peoples yesterday that I remember reading but that's about it. i don't think I did bad on hair color though. LOL thanks for posting pics for us!

  8. Okay - I totally didn't picture the fauxhawk, but other than that he's how I pictured. Well maybe more of a bad boy than I pictured. Cool scene and great descriptions.

  9. YAY! one i wasn't too far off on!! hooray! :)

  10. Okay, I knew my hair was a long shot, but it was really late and I was feeling silly. :D

  11. Ooh...I really like your version of River! I'd definitely like to read more about him. :)

  12. Totally love bad boys, glad I got his appearance right. :D

  13. Haha! He looks like a heartbreaker 8) It's great to meet him. Sorry I didn't make it around in time yesterday!

  14. I was WAYYYYYY OFF with River. Ah well, can't be right all the time.

  15. Great pics, River is way cool! Love his tatts! ;))

  16. OMG OMG OMG. Must. Read. THE KINDRILY. NOW!!!!

    I MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mmm he sounds dreamy and the name 'River' is lovely. You are an exquisite writer (as I'm sure you already know). Looking forward to seeing your books in print one day. x

  18. Love those rockers!!! River sounds awesome ;o)

  19. Was this not the best blog fest ever!!!!! So much fun

  20. can't STAND him, lol ;-)


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