Tuesday, May 25, 2010


BEA (BookExpo America) kicks off in New York today! BEA is like the Disneyland of the book world (without the Mickey ears and chocolate covered bananas).

If you're waiting to hear from agents, editors, publicists, or anyone else in the publishing business, expect major delays.
I mean, really, would YOU be answering emails if you had the chance to be in NYC walking through aisles of publishers and books and chatting with thousands of literary-minded folks? I think not.

BEA has a New Title Showcase area where authors and their books can get massive exposure. Check out the online version if you're interested. http://www.newtitleshowcase.com/

I've decided to present my own variation: The New Author Showcase. These authors won't get nearly as much exposure as BEA, but what the heck. Take a scroll around, check out all these fine authors and follow their blogs so you can say you knew them back before they were on the best seller list.

NEW AUTHOR SHOWCASE (in alphabetical order)

Natalie Bahm -writes amazing MG like it's as easy as tying her shoes. She nails voice and knows what kids find funny and entertaining --probably because she has 3 of her own and a 4th on the way. Her talent is so obvious that she was pulled from the slush pile by her fabulous agent, Sara Megibow at the Nelson Literary Agency.

Marie Devers -the Cool Hand Luke of my writer gang. She doesn't try to be a kickass writer, it's just who she is. Her YA stories will make you laugh, cry, and leave you in awe of her storytelling skills. She's got mad credentials, has taught in Alaska, and soon she will be reading a lot more picture books since she's currently pregnant with our future president.

Sara McClung -Not even published yet but gets hit on whenever she enters a bookstore. Some people are just destined for author superstardom. Her YA story made me want to go back to high school and rock a binder with "Karen -N- Patrick 4-ever" doodled all over it. Watch out Edward, there's a new stud coming to Paranormal Town.

Shannon Messenger -Bestill my racing heart. She can write an exciting roller coaster ride of a magical MG story. I can't share too many details about it, but have no fear, I know you'll be seeing a deal announcement soon when her uber agent, Laura Rennert at Andrea Brown Literary sells her first of many future best-selling books.

Derek Molata -The black sheep of my writer peeps. Some might consider his writing a tad dark, but I call it brilliant. He knows his way around the rabbit hole and writes stories that will twist the straightest of minds and leave readers begging for more. Rep'd by Janet Reid at FinePrint Literary his stories will surely be on the YA and adult bookshelves in the very near future.

Megan Rebekah -If you've read her blog, you already know what an awesome writer she is. Not to mention she's so darn lovable--just like her characters. As the drill sergeant of manuscripts she can break you down then help you rebuild, strengthen, and endure so your stories are ready for query wars. Seriously, she should start her own business.


I haven't read the manuscripts of the next couple writers, but I have to mention them because they share a passion for sea folk. So, I'd like to give a splash-out to:

Tricia O'Brien -My mermaid comrade. Our by-the-sea tales are nothing alike, but our great minds are. She always blows me away with her amazing photos, musings, and posts. I can only imagine how beautiful her stories must be.

Lynn Colt -Her YA fantasy about selkies got her an offer from the fantastic Ginger Clark at Curtis Brown. I'm pretty sure our version of selkies are very different, but I'm looking forward to reading her stories.

I have a dozen other people who I would love to mention but the blog booth just isn't big enough. (I imagine that's how all the publishing houses and publicists feel at BEA.)

So, feel free to pimp out your writing partners, up-and-coming author friends, or new writer/bloggers in the comments section. (Don't forget to post a link or web address to their site or blog.) If you think they're fabulous we'd love to hear about them. Nothing like spreading the writerly love.



  1. Ahhh, sweet shout-outs! BEA looks incredible. I think I'd overdose on happiness if I ever go. lol

    btw, I read The Hunger Games 'cause of you and Megan.
    Checked it out yesterday at 3:30, finished it at 11:30.

    LOVED it! Thanks for the recommendation. :-)

  2. Aw, Karen I HEART YOU <3

    Like for realz.

    PS do you want to go to BEA with me next year?

  3. You're awesome Karen. You've listed some fabulous writers, but I'll think I need to add a shout out.

    Karen Hooper- Her writing is magical, vivid, and bursting with ridiculous amounts of creative genius. She makes mermaids, sirens, and selkies sexy and a little scary too. In a year or two you'll be seeing her signing ARCs at BEA. She'll be at the table with the longest line.

  4. What a great way to celebrate BEA! I love this tribute to our fellow bloggy friends! :-)

  5. I wish I could be at BEA, but this celebration is even more fun because I know the people you're talking about :)

    I second Nat's inclusion of Karen Hooper. She needs to be on this list too.

    And we should totally plan a trip to NYC for BEA next year. Lets start saving now!

    (and just so you know, you're up for the title of the worst Floridian ever for mentioning DisneyLAND instead of Disney WORLD)

  6. Karen! I'm shocked,but thank you for such a kindness. This was such an awesome post to come up with for BEA, and I have to agree with Natalie that you will be signing your books there one day. You are way too creative not to make that big splash.
    (Now, I need to stop blogging and get back to the seaful manuscript and get ready for crit group today!)

  7. Oh wow, thanks for the shout-out! *tries to curtsy* *falls over* *settles for a wave*

    BEA looks awesome. I wish I lived in NYC!

    There's also Caroline Richmond, who writes MG/YA science fiction and fantasy and just signed with Jim McCarthy of DGLM. No selkies, though!

  8. Well, since you asked, I'll pimp Allison Pang over at Borrowing Heaven, Subletting Hell, since she's pretty damn cool, sold a trilogy at auction not too long ago, and is just wrapping up the first round of edits on A Brush of Darkness. (Pre-order on Amazon already. Woot!)

    And of course you already know Carol's about as cool and up-and-coming as they come, so I won't belabor that point....

  9. Irony is, I just came home yesterday from NYC, and the BEA is of particular interest to me this year b/c I'm awaiting ForeWord Reviews' announcement of who won 2009 Book of the Year since I'm a finalist. Will keep you posted...

  10. Okay, first--comparing BEA to Disneyland is a perfect comparison.

    Second, you TOTALLY made me tear up--you have to stop doing that!

    Third: Um, yeah, I agree with the others--you are definitely missing from this list. I'm going to bookmark this post for later, when you're a literary rockstar with the clout of Stephenie Meyer, so I can say see! See! I know her! :)

  11. You're so awesome, Karen, for opening up a virtual BEA with this! :)

  12. Well I know a couple of your awesome author pimps but it's good to be clued into quite a few more!

    I didn't know about BEA, being stranded at the bottom of the world and all. Makes me feel a little better that I haven't started querying agents yet if they are going to be all busy busy.

    I really need to get onto finishing my rewrite and begin the edits! XD

    Just so you know, I'd pimp you any day.♥

  13. Aww, thanks! *blush* <3!

    *throws PEZ in your direction!*
    *and alcohol!*

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Awesome shout outs! Great, great writers on that list ;o) You're such a doll!

  16. Blogger/Writer extraordinaire, Aidan Donnelley Rowley, writes a killer blog over at http://www.ivyleagueinsecurities.com/ and her debut novel, LIfe After Yes, just came out. Folks, I read it, and it is good.

  17. what a great idea! LOVE this list and can't wait for some of these author's books to be on the shelves!
    My crit partner Paul Greci has a fab survival story that I have no doubt will be sold by his agent very soon. Watch for his name!
    Love the Disney comparison. I will most likely be going next year!

  18. My agent was the one elected to stay behind while everyone else in her office went. So you COULD luck out and query that agent who happens to be stuck at home! It sounds like a lot of fun.

  19. I love this post!! Kudos for highlighting some familiar names who, I totally agree, will soon have published books, that I'll add to my personal library as soon as they're released.

    Thanks for the link to the BEA list. I'm checking that out today!

  20. I am in love with this post! How fantastic! I just found out a few days ago what this was all about and now I'm super jealous that I don't live in New York!! Thanks for the linkage I'll be checking this out!!!

  21. Oh my heck! I love this idea of spotlighting your CP's and how amazing they are! Great idea.

    And BTW, you're a winner on my blog today... :-D

  22. Aren't you sweet for doing that. If I weren't on my cell I would gush about my partners too. Lol.

  23. Thanks for the great list. Time to make new friends!!! :O)

  24. Awesome and that is a great list :)

  25. I guess this will be as close as I get to BEA for a while -- thanks for that :)

  26. Oh, just to be there! Must be too much fun. I can't wait to get my hands on all these up and coming great works!

  27. Oh, good picks, chickie!! A couple new ones up there for me, too. Cool beans!

  28. I already follow a couple of those writers and now I'm looking forward to meeting the rest! Have a great weekend! - G

  29. Oh, I LOVE your BEA! I've been so sad to miss the real thing! This makes me feel a little better. Now if only I could get my hands on some of those ARCs...

  30. What a great way to do shout outs. Now I'm following some new people.

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