Monday, September 21, 2009

Simon & Schuster Know Me

on't go gettin' all excited (or envious). No, Simon & Schuster did not buy my story. They sent me The Hollow, by Jessica Verday.

I won it in their Labor Day Twitter contest. I had to tweet a photo of me reading one of their books during my long Labor day weekend. Winners would receive a S&S novel sent to them. Here was my entry...

And, I won! I didn't know which of their many fabulous books I'd be receiving until this beauty (The Hollow) showed up at my door step today. I haven't read it YET, but it's exactly the kind of book that would seduce me to pick it up off a shelf at Borders. It's even thick! Over 500 pages!

As a writer, I understand and adhere to the word count guidelines of genres. But I have to admit, I enjoy long stories. I feel so much more satisfied purchasing a hardcover, 400-500 page book, rather than a 250 page paperback. There's just a nostalgic feeling to the bigger books. Call me old-fashioned, but in our high paced, instant gratification society, I WANT a long story to lure me away from reality for awhile. If it's too short, I feel deprived.

The Hollow is my kind of book. Enigmatic, intriguing description, pretty cover, and the potential to give me more bang for my buck. Oh, wait, I didn't pay any bucks for this book. Even better! (But at $17.99 it's a steal. I definitely would have bought it if I hadn't won it.)

I swear, it's like Simon & Schuster know me and hand picked the perfect prize for me. Love those S&S folks. Go buy their books!


  1. I was wondering when you'd get your book!

    Definitely let me know what you think of this book. I'm not crazy about the cover, and the back blurb wasn't enough to entice me to buy it. But I'm always up for hearing that I'm wrong and that something is amazing.

  2. You so deserved to win this one. Your picture was awesome (especially the hat). You'll have to let us know how you like the Hollow, I've seen it around, but I haven't picked it up yet.

  3. I agree. I like a thicker book. Nice picture by the way. I would have picked you as the winner as well.

  4. I like longer books, too. I don't want to be done with it in a day. I want something that will take me away for a few days. Congrats on winning the book! Let us know how it is.

  5. Woohoo! Congrats. I tend to like longer books, as long as they're not super detailed (like Clancy).
    That is an AWESOME pic of you. :-) Really cute!

  6. I can see why you won; that's a really cute picture. Looking forward to your review!

  7. Congratulations on a well-deserved win! AWESOME hat. I would guess you don't get a lot of opportunity to wear it in Florida? :-) I like longer books, too. When I'm really enjoying a book, I'll slow down at the end to make it last.

  8. I had no idea S&S had contests on their Twitter. I'm so going to follow them now. Thanks.

    And congrats on the win. That's exciting.

  9. I actually have this one waiting for me too as we speak! I just saw the post from S&S on Twitter and thought I'd stop by!


    x0xx Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

  10. Thank you. Thank you. That hat has traveled many states with me. I may request to be buried in it. (Just so people can giggle at my viewing.)

  11. Congratulations again! I totally hear what your saying about long books. I'm reading a seven book series, and each book is over 500 pages. When I read shorter books I get to the end far too quickly for my taste! Let us know what you think of The Hollow. I've never heard of it or its author, but the cover is interesting. I want that woman's pendant and make-up artist! :)

  12. Great picture. A little jealous that you had the beach on Labor Day. I like your website-your book sounds awesome.

  13. Cute picture! "The Hollow" sounds like a great read. And so does the book you're writing.

  14. Have you read it yet? I just started reading my copy - and it's long but it's double spaced.


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