Friday, September 4, 2009

Jealousy vs. Happiness

am grateful every day for my amazing beta readers. There is a small group of us that have become very close. We turn to, confide in, critique, inspire, and lend support to one another. They are fabulous. Seriously. Some of the stuff they write blows my mind. And almost all of their suggestions or comments on my MS (no matter how harsh) have improved my story IMMENSELY. Because of their greatness I've always wondered what would happen when one of my Writing Posse got an offer from an agent. (It was inevitable after all!) Would I be happy but also a little envious? Would I be jealous? I love my WP gals, but I'm only human.

Yesterday I found out exactly what happens.

I saw the email come across my phone screen. The title was "I just got a call." My heart raced. I knew what it meant before I hit the read button. And when I did read the rest of the email I LITERALLY teared up and got goosebumps. GOOD TEARS. The "oh-she's worked so hard and is such a great person she so deserves this" tears. One of my Writing Posse members got offered representation!

So, without further ado, blogging world meet Natalie Bahm.

She's been a lurker on blogs (wise decision to spend more time on her story and less time writing a blog. lol) But now, my WP and I have demanded she start her own blog so the rest of the world can experience how fabulous she is. We've been keeping her to ourselves for much too long.

Go say hi. Take good notes. And follow her journey through the would of a debut author becoming published. Cuz I have no doubt publishers will be snatching up her story right away.

Ps...Happiness kicked Jealousy's butt. Jealousy never stood a chance. And a little envy never hurt anybody. ;)


  1. I've wondered the same thing. Thanks for sharing that happiness wins! That's what I was hoping. I'm sure little pangs of envy come along with it, but I want to be happy for a friend when things go their way. I'll go visit her now!

  2. THANK YOU Karen! You are the best and I'm going to be so excited when the same thing happens for you next mont ;)

  3. That's great. I hope that I can keep the envy at bay too if that ever happens to one of my writing buddies. :) Congrats to Natalie!

  4. Congratulations to Natalie! Good luck with your new agent!

  5. Yay! I've wondered the same thing and I'm glad to be able to look forward to feeling happy for my writer friends. :-) Congrats to Natalie!

  6. Awe, that is so awesome! Congrats to Natalie!

  7. My friend Natalie just got represented by Nathan Bransford. Talk about possibly jealous! But I'm SO happy for her, I can't even describe. It's a wonderful thing. Congrats to your friend. That's fantastic!

    And the call will happen for you one day, too!

  8. I'm jealous you're such a great blogger.

    No, I'm happy.

    No, I'm jealous.


  9. Yay for her! And yay for you for being thrilled for her! I agree, it doesn't help anyone to get jealous, I love it when my writer friends have good things happen to them!

    (Now go read Hunger Games ;)

  10. Congrats to Natalie! I think we get to loving all of our fellow writers that we can't help but jump for joy when good news comes their way:))

  11. Congrats to Natalie and to happiness! It is natural to get a tiny stab of jealousy, but happiness is the trump card. :)

  12. What a great post! And I love how you wrote about your happiness trumping any jealousy you thought might have been there.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and for the following. I have joined up to follow your blog too and am glad to have found another great blog to read. Congrats to your friend Natalie. I'm going to go check her blog out now.

  13. You're such a good friend, and congratulations to Natalie! My good friend is going through a lot of rejections, and I hurt for her; she's worked so hard in her story, and I'm sure the right agent will see her work and love it.

  14. Congrats to Natalie! I had that happen recently and joy for my CP/friend definitely took over before jealousy.


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