Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day Jobbery

I haven't had time to blog lately. Or read blogs. Or comment on blogs. Or edit as much as I'd like. Or write as much as I'd like. Why? Because of my day job.

If you don't have a Facebook or twitter account, I probably don't know what you've been up to for the past few weeks. I want to know, I really do, but there aren't enough hours in the day. One liner updates or emails that get sent to my phone are the only connections I've had to my writing world buddies lately.

Today on FB I replied to one author friend who said just as he started getting into his WIP, he had to go to the day job. My reply (as I'm rushing out of the shower getting ready for my own daily office grind) "Day jobbery stinks. soon as I win Powerball I'm donating a million to some of my fav writers with day jobs so they can quit and write full time."

Don't get me wrong, I like my day job. I work with an awesome (and funny) group of people. I just wish it didn't take up so much of my day--week--month--year--life! It puts a HUGE damper on my writing time. Not to mention, I have a 9-6 schedule! Whatever happened to 9-5? That extra hour would really help. I envy those writers that can stay at home all day and write to their hearts content.

Come on Powerball...I promise, I'll be generous and better the literary world one writer at a time.


  1. LOL! I totally feel your pain. Well, maybe not completely since I can still sneak on blogger and check in with people during work. (Ahem, like now).

    But I would love to be job free -- stay home and write, do some volunteer work.

    How about we both continue to play the lotto, and have each other's back when we win big ;)

  2. Hang in there! My hubby likes to play the lotto, too. That $80 million jackpot would come in handy. Let's ALL win and meet up on a cruise to the Orient! We'll call it a "Writers Retreat" so you can claim it on your taxes or something. ;)

  3. Blech. I'm glad I'm a sahm. At least I can make my own hours.
    Good luck getting more writing done!

  4. Yup, I'm one of those all day writers, sort of. If I could really focus my time when the baby sleeps, I could have two solid hours of writing time a day (and if I didn't have to hang out with my husband in the evenings I could have 2 or three more), alas.

    Good luck with finding more time (or winning the lottery).

  5. Well, sweetie, I stay at home all day. But I don't write all day. I take care of a kid. Now THAT'S A DAY JOB. Wait, it's a night job, too, and a weekend job, and a holiday job. It never ever ends, and I rarely get breaks. I often envy those that go to to work and get to come home and write in the evening and on the weekend and on holidays. That would be nice.

    The grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it?


    Well, I've missed seeing you around! I hope things slow down just a little for you.

  6. It's tough. I stay home, but I'm looking for a job. This is really depressing. :(

  7. Lol! I sure hope you win that powerball!

  8. I have to agree with Lady Glam! I stay home and have a 24/7 job! I try to squeak in my writing into the precious few moments here and there. But I can empathize. . .I would love to have more writing time, but I think I'm forced to make more efficient use of the time I actually have and maybe am more productive.

  9. I get you on this one. Here's praying for powerball!!!

  10. I write all day but am searching for a job and it worries me that my writing will be affected sorely!

  11. To you mothers. Dont think for a second that I dont know you all have full time jobs. I lived with a stay at home mom and her two babies a few years ago. I know how hard you mammas work! ;) You may use my gifted Powerball money to hire a nanny for a few hours a day if you wish.

  12. Okay, you know the song is just ringing in my head now, don't you. :D

    As you wrote above, my day of writing is just jarred and interrupted often.
    ~ Wendy

  13. Just found your blog and site in PublishersMarketplace. What a beautiful site!

    Good luck with the Powerball! I have to echo the other stay at home moms, but add that even when they're too old to need you all day, it can still be challenging sometimes to get the writing done!

  14. I too would love to win the PowerBall. Luckily I have a day job where I can sneak in a little writing but only on slow days. I run a tech support help desk so it all depends on how many calls we get. If we have a slow day, I get writing time. On a busy day, I can barely THINK about my WIP.

  15. I totally know what you mean and I only work part time, but I read engineering reports all day so I'm completely drained by the time I get home.

    I too have dreams of lottery winnings, good luck.


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