Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dangerous Depths Update

My merfolk and selkies and sirens and gorgons are angry. (Try saying that ten times fast.) 
They're upset because weeks ago, my publisher, Rhemalda, decided on a release date for the sequel to Tangled Tides, but I haven't officially announced it yet because I was swamped releasing Taking Back Forever. My sea peeps felt ignored because of my reincarnation peeps. And for that I'm sorry. Someday I will have them battle it out (or maybe work together) in a future book.
So, the release date. You ready for it? 
Dangerous Depths is releasing December 1, 2013.
In less than six months and you can read the next adventure of Yara, Treygan, Rownan, Nixie, and maybe a new character or two (or three) but who is counting?

We'll be working on the cover soon. Don't worry, I'll share it with you as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, I'll share a few photos that will hint at the mood of the story. 
Muhawahahahaha. (That's my evil laugh.) 

A little darker than you were expecting? Have no fear, there's still lots of magic, romance, sparkling, plot twists, and all the other great stuff you enjoyed with Tangled Tides. Except, well, have a little fear, because things get a bit hellish. 

Let the countdown begin...


  1. Oh my I guess this at least gives me 6 months to grab Tangled Tides finally :-) I cant wait to explore another world inside your head!!!

  2. This is exciting news!!!! And I'm really intrigued by those images. :)

  3. SO EXCITED!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! *fangirl squeal*


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