Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An Apology

My brain has been on overload for months. Most days I know I'm forgetting things. Sometimes the things/people/appointments are VERY important. Extremely important. Like bloggers and reviewers and loyal readers.

Crap. *Head desk*

Releasing a book is stressful. It's chaotic. There's so much to do and so little time. I won't make a list of everything because it would stretch for miles, but let me just reiterate it's A LOT. Releasing Taking Back Forever, book 2 of The Kindrily series was more stressful than my past releases and I kept overlooking things. Now, weeks after it has been released, I realize I forgot some people. Oh dear. NOT GOOD. Not good at all.

Taking Back Forever was available on Netgalley, I created a sign-up list for ARCs and posted it on Goodreads, my blog, Facebook, and tweeted. Many people signed up and for that, and I thank those people wholeheartedly. I also had a list of some reviewers (not necessarily bloggers, just fabulous people who recently left reviews of Grasping at Eternity). That had to cover everyone, right? All those people were sent an eARC. *checks item off list*

BUT...there was that other list. That list in my other notebook that I just honestly forgot to go through. And to top it off, it's a list which includes some people who have been there for me since my release of Tangled Tides. I didn't send anything to them. I didn't offer them an ARC like I promised I would. Kill me now. 

I feel HORRIBLE. In hindsight, I have no idea how I could have forgotten overlooked them. I can blame it on stress, on being so busy, on taking on way too much, but those all seem like pathetic excuses because no matter what, those valued readers should NOT have been left out.

I'm genuinely and truly sorry to ANY ONE who has ever written a review for one of my past books and didn't receive a personal offer from me to receive an ARC of Taking Back Forever. I am SO so sorry. Please forgive me.

If you're reading this, and you're one of those kind souls who have posted a review (short, long, positive, negative, whatever) of any of my books at any time, and you would like an ebook of Taking Back Forever, (or Grasping at Eternity, or even Tangled Tides) just let me know. I'll happily and gratefully send it to you.

Again, I'm so sorry for my brain lapse.

Why the public post? Why didn't I just send an email? Because I forgot quite a few people. Eep. *hangs head in shame* Hopefully this will shed some light for bloggers, reviewers, and readers everywhere who have ever been hurt or offended because they though an author forgot about them.

We never actually forget you. In truth, we cherish you. At least I know I do, and I'm sure most other authors do too. It's just we have SO much going on in our overloaded, creative minds (I'm sure you can relate). Real people and places, fictional people and places, To Do lists, piles of emails, FB posts, and tweets to answer, day jobs, etc. Sometimes things and people fall the cracks. But there's a safety net to catch you, and that safety net is an author's gratitude and humility, and taking a few minutes to publicly say so SO SORRY (times infinity). 


  1. LOL. Overload, indeed. Here's hoping you find some clarity and relax time after all the crazy!

  2. Thanks so much, Crystal! Relax time? What is this mysterious thing you speak of? lol.

  3. No worries Karen. I would have asked when I was ready anyway. I miss the Kindrily! Can't wait. Have to find time to squeeze it in. DX

  4. Thanks, Nickle! The kindrily misses you too! :) I figured anyone I missed would have asked if they wanted it. Hopefully, everyone knows me well enough to know the "ask and ye shall receive" rule applies to me with every one of my books. ;)

  5. I don't think you owed me one, but I'll take a copy!

  6. This reminds me of things I've forgotten in the past and how bad I felt. *HUGS* I don't think anyone would ever hold something like this against you. I think most people understand. :)


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