Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The release date for Tangled Tides is November 25, 2011.
That's exactly one month away. CRAZY.

*pinches self*

Yup, it's still real.

November 25th is a new moon. I think that's a good omen. It's also Black Friday. I think that's a good omen too. I know Black Friday doesn't sound like it would be a good omen, but on that day I'm always with my mom shopping (and we always hit a Barnes & Noble) and find great deals. I have fond memories and feelings about Black Friday--especially this year.

If anyone would like to pre-order a copy, you can do so here.

Let the countdown begin! :)


  1. Wow...that all seemed to happen so fast! Your publisher rocks! Everyone will be able to buy your book and settle in and read while the Thanksgiving turkey digests!

  2. Black Friday is an excellent omen. The "black" after all is an accounting term for profit instead of loss (which is red). Yep, a profitable day for release. Wishing you all the best!

  3. Waaaa-hoooooooo! SO EXCITING, Karen!!! :-)

  4. Alexandra, you're so right. Maybe I should work on a widget.

    Rachel, it happened SO fast. I think it's a world record in publishing. lol. My publisher rocks.

    Sharon, thank you! My cover artist, Melissa Williams is brilliant.

    Laurel, I feel a bit foolish but I did not know wh Black Friday was called Black Friday. That totally makes sense. Here's to a profitable Black Friday! :)

  5. Shannon, SO exciting. I can hardly stand it.

    Matt, I'm not really that cool. But my publisher is. ;)

    Amanda, Bethany, and Janna, thank you! Yay! *happy dances*

  6. So exciting - saving my pennies.

  7. Congratulations, Karen! So excited for you! Wishing you a sea of good luck. ;)

  8. Well, I know what's going in my stocking this Christmas! =D

  9. Wow! Tick tock. You are so close....

  10. Sorry I've been SO busy and haven't had time to comment on everyone's comments, but please know I'm reading every single one and I'm very grateful for all the kinds words.

    Thank you!!!!

  11. AGREED! You do need a countdown widget!

    And I cannot wait to read this. Really. Can't. Wait. :)

  12. Brilliant blog and your book sounds very cool. I wish you all the best with the release. Enjoy it!

  13. Oh! I thought it was a 2012 release. Super excited your novel's birthday is so soon!! I'm adding your to my blog's book releases page!


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