Monday, August 22, 2011


Choosing the best comment for The Girl Of Fire and Thorns ARC was really really tough. I wish I had ten ARCs to give away instead of one. However, I could only choose one winner and that lucky reader is...

Angel C @ Mermaid Vision Books

No, I did not choose her because she has mermaid in her blog title. Although that does make her extra awesome IMO. Her comment was just so heartfelt and it made me tear up. Here it is...

Dear Karen,
I've lived my whole life surrounded by fear. Insecurities run amok in my head, not to mention living with banal fears like bugs and ghosts. But the two fears that I've had to try to remove from my life are related in a way I never really realized: fire and rejection.

As a little girl, I burned my hand. The fear of fire has stayed with me since then, to the point where I can't hold a lit candle without having a panic attack. I chose to be a writer but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. More writers are rejected and ridiculed every day than find success, and it really can be a bath of fire sometimes. But books like Rae Carson's Girl of Fire and Thorns inspire me to keep going. One day, it will happen for me, and in the meantime I have to find a way to break away those fears. Somewhere out there, there may be another young girl afraid to spark the flame of passion and joy inside her and I might be the lucky person who can help her. Isn't that the best thing a writer can achieve?

So in conclusion, I'd really love to read this book. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that you can be surrounded by fire and the thorns of ridicule and still survive.

I KNOW Angel will love Elisa (the MC of TGOFAT) and find her inspiring. I also think Rae Carson's beautiful and masterful writing is a great learning tool for any writer, and Angel's comment proved that she already has a gift with words. Reading this book will only strengthen her talent.

Studying great novels is one of the best ways for writers to improve their craft. This book is beyond great. So much can be learned from it. As I said in my original review post, it's the kind of novel that inspired me to be a better writer. So if you love YA, fantasy, or adventure, be sure to pre-order your copy for its September 20th release.

Thanks so much to everyone who commented! Have wonderful week.


  1. Aw, I certainly would have picked Angel as the winner as well, with a comment like that. Congrats, Angel!

  2. I really want to cry now :')

    Thank you! Should I send you an e-mail or something?

  3. Congrats Angel!

    What an inspiring comment!

  4. Congrats, Angel.

    That was a heartfelt comment. I believe she can break away from the fears.


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