Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's that time of year again, kids! RWA National Conference!

*throws glittery heart confetti*

I'll be rooming with the ritzy rockstar Ricki Schultz and the marvelous Maryland girl Cambria Dillon. (And two other cool people whom I don't know and haven't met yet so I cant include their names, but I'm sure they will be AWESOME.)

Will I be seeing any of you there this year?

Ricki said we should make a Men of RWA 2 vlog as a sequel to last year's kooky vlog. But I just don't know. Last year I was at Disney. I felt like acting like a kid and embarrassing myself was okay. But this is NYC. Aren't we supposed to act all sophisticated and professional? I mean, I'm sure we won't most of the time, but isn't that what's expected of us?

What do you think? Yes to Men of RWA 2? Or skip it and just post pics and great advice? Link to the debauchery here.

Oh, and be still my beating heart. Diana Gabaldon will be speaking this year. She is one of my greatest influences of my teenage years. Sure, she doesn't exactly write YA, but at seventeen years old I was SO in love with Jamie Fraser. Diana is one of my literary heroes.

RWA time! SQUEE!


  1. Aw sweet! I hope you have so much fun!!

  2. I loved Diana Gabaldon as well. Wish they'd make her series into a movie. Have fun. Maybe do a secret Men of RWA video just by filming their feet. Just an idea.

  3. I say go for it!!! And post pictures and tell us all about it. Hope you have fun!

  4. I hope you'll have a fabulous time! And YES to Men of RWA2!

  5. Woohooo! You're in NY!!!!! Have fun and I hope you make lots of great contacts. ;)

  6. Totally yes to Men of RWA2!! Can't wait to hear how the trip went.

  7. OMG, I loved last year's Men of RWA. Yes, please, Men of RWA2!

  8. My vote is HELL YES :)

    Hope you guys have a freaking amazing time and I want FREQUENT UPDATES <3

  9. I hope you had fun. I look forward to the pics.

  10. I hope you had a blast in my former hometown!


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