Friday, May 13, 2011


Happy Friday the 13th! (And coincidentally, welcome back Blogger. You picked one heck of a day to go down.)

Jen Daiker and I are in the querying trenches together right now, so we decided it would be fun to add some fun to the possibility of being agented.

So, If I snag an Agent. (That’s a big IF)…

we will do something to embarrass ourselves on our blogs.

We’ve become fabulous online friends, and soon (kinda) we'll be meeting in real life as well! She and I will be meeting each other in November when Jen makes a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong, I love Harry, but I’ve invested a lot of money on an annual pass to Disney, so that’s where our rendezvous will be taking place. We've decided that if we are both agented by then, we’ll make some sort of crazy vlog.

We need you to helps us decide what craziness to do!!

Here are some options:

1. Dancing down Main Street to The Dog Days Are Over- (Yes, Jen and I will be hand in hand with Jen’s hubby graciously taping the whole thing - most likely unwillingly).

2. Going to Writer's Stop and making pretend copies of our own books and try to sell them- (I came up with this one as a joke, but Jen thinks this one is an amazing idea, but oy. *facepalm* How embarrassing. Why did I suggest this?)

3. Disney fun: Asking a character (Mickey, Pooh, or whoever is hanging around) and Disney employees if they’ve heard of our books- (Complete with costumes - or at least some Mickey Mouse ears).

4. Other ideas from our lovely readers.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you are rooting for to win in the comment section.

Also, if you have another suggestion (please remember I embarrass VERY easily) provide it in the comment sections. As the months progress I'll add it to the poll to be considered.

SO again, if Jen and I reach our goal of agenthood come November, you’ll get to see us totally make fools of ourselves as our promise to the universe.


  1. All the best to you in your agent hunt.

  2. Amazingly enough I still want to be agented by then, though I'm sure I'll be terrified come time to video tape myself doing something ridiculous.... HERE WE GO!

  3. Best of luck! Querying is such a gut-wrenching experience, but I like your ideas for the vlog, especially #2 or #3 :)

  4. I was thinking something along the lines of destroying a box of cupcakes while laughing maniacally, but Park Security might get a little nervous about that. Oh, well. You'll think of something. ^.~

  5. Good luck with the querying process.
    How about something to do with hunting and stalking - like finding the man at a writers' convention ;) - with more hand signs and less words :D

  6. Dancing down main street. hee-hee

    Thanks for your sweet comment on My Blog.

  7. Just make sure you don't land in jail! Lol! Good luck with the agent hunt!

  8. I think #3 has some serious potential! I'd want you to ask people on main street too. :)

  9. teeheehee you're TOTES going to make your goal and have to act all crazy in November <3

    Since you're stealing my getting an agent song, my vote HAS to be for number 1 :)


  10. You guys are so creative!! I'm with Sara -- #1!

  11. I love the dancing idea. I hope to see that video before the year is over. Good luck querying.

  12. Good luck! I'm in the query trenches, too!

  13. Good luck!

    I think a music video would be fun.

  14. When you follow through with these ideas, it should make for some very entertaining stuff.

    I'm a new follower and I enjoy your blog. Very entertaining. I've given your blog an award. Pick it up at



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