Monday, May 9, 2011


Okay, so, the fabulous Jen Daiker and I are making a Disney Deal with the universe for when we land agents. I was supposed to post about that today. But, you see, it has to wait a couple days (I'm sorry, Jen!) because Alabama needs YOUR help. And if not your help then at least your support.

The Southern Princess, aka Courtney Barr is raising money to help victims of the storm that tore through Alabama, leaving many people homeless or worse. The auction starts tomorrow and I INSIST that you go to the ALL 4 ALABAMA Blog and become a follower. Now. Go. It only takes a few seconds.

Read a few of her heartbreaking posts about how bad it is down there, and I guarantee you'll want to help however you can. One great way is to bid on lots of priceless stuff, including signed books, ARCs, and agent critiques!

So please, (I'm not being bossy anymore. I'm pleading for your support) PLEASE go follow the the ALL 4 ALABAMA Blog and help spead the word via Twitter, Facebook, or your blog. Remember, the universe loves paying back good deeds with good karma.

Oh, and don't forget the other spectacular storm victim auction already underway. HELP WRITE NOW.

See, Jen, I'm creating a lead-in to our deal with the universe post. :)


  1. I already follow (thanks to this awesome friend I have named Karen), but I'm trying to figure where to find some money.

  2. Thank you for giving the heads up on these efforts.

  3. Not to worry I think this is far more important and so glad you chose to share it!!! Heading over now :)


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