Saturday, February 20, 2010


I never realized how craptastically cool my life has been until I started writing this post. A fiction writer with interesting stories to share. Who woulda thunk it?

This all started because Mireyah Wolfe gave me the "Creative Writer" award. Thanks Mireyah! I'm supposed to list 6 lies and 1 truth about myself.
But then, Keri Payton gave me the "Sugar Doll" award. Cheers Mate!
For this one, I'm supposed to share 10 things about myself that you may not know.

Since I'm a rule breaker, I am doing a mash-up of the two. I'm sharing 10 things about myself and only ONE of them is a lie. (Warning: This is long, but very interesting--if I do so say so myself.)

1.) I write in all capital letters all the time. I’ve done it since I was a kid--way before all caps meant screaming over the computer. I’ve done it for so long that if and when I try to write in lowercase, it looks like the handwriting of a five-year-old. Throughout all my years of schooling only one teacher ever said anything to me about it. She asked me to “write properly” but after I handed in two papers of awful childlike penmanship she told me I could go back to all caps.

2) Aussies and Brits are like coffee and chocolate to me. Meaning, I love them and can’t get enough of them. Hence why I follow so many folks from across the pond and down under. Maybe it’s the accent, or the similar yet oh-so-different culture and lifestyle, but I’m convinced that one day I will live in both places for a significant amount of time. Ideally, I’d be the next Bachelorette. ABC could film the beginning half in England, the end half in Australia. All men would be from those two countries--except for Reid Rosenthal. (He was on the last Bachelorette but didn’t “win.” He would be the American exception and receive a VIP invitation from me.)

3.) Two years ago I took a day of workshop dance classes with Sonya Tayeh (choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance) While performing one of Sonya’s awesome contemporary pieces, she walked behind me right as I was swinging my arms and head up—rather powerfully—from a bent over position. I elbowed her. Hard. I elbowed a famous superstar choreographer. Horrified, I stopped dancing and grabbed her, making sure she was okay. She just smiled, clapped her hands with the music and said, “Awesome! More power next time.” Oh how I love that woman.

4.) My first skydive was tandem (attached to an instructor). My second jump was AFF. Meaning instructors jump with you but once you pull your chute you’re on your own. They attach a radio to your chest so they can talk you through the landing. Not one word was uttered over my radio, so I figured I must be doing well. Somehow--probably because the good karma gods felt they owed me one--

I landed perfectly. Dead center of the drop zone. The Aussie owner of the school (another reason I love Aussies) looked impressed when I landed beside her. We both looked stunned when my instructors came running up, ripped my radio from my chest, and found out there were no batteries in it.

5.) Many years ago when I lived in Colorado Springs, I was sitting with a friend in a restaurant. A woman came up to us and asked if we wanted to audition for a new reality TV show where partner teams would race around the world. A huge crew was filming and interviewing people right there in the restaurant. I laughed and said no thank you. I pictured racing 10k marathons against Ironman pros. I can barely run 20 yards. Little did I know I blew my chance to be on the first season of what ended up as one of my favorite shows, The Amazing Race.

6.) Right before I was supposed to take a vacation, I came down with the flu. I didn’t want to cancel my trip but I needed to get on an airplane and survive a day of traveling so I started taking Aleve to help with the body aches, fever, etc. When it didn’t help I took more. And more. I think I took 8 or so in a 24 hour period. (In my defense I thought it was like Tylenol and never read the label. I know—dumbass.) The next morning I woke up COVERED in the most hideous, inflamed, oddly-shaped hives you’ve ever seen on a human. I looked like an alien. I was in tears and thought my skin would never return to normal. Luckily, the hives went away, but I haven’t taken Aleve since.

7.) In high school, my keyboarding (aka typing) teacher was eating a bag of M&Ms and commented on how strange one of them looked. “They forgot to dye it,” she said. It was a gray M&M. I know because I saw it with my own eyes. (My station was two seats away from her desk.) A couple weeks later she found out M&Ms was having a "find the gray M&M and win a million dollars" contest. She had eaten one of the winning M&Ms. She called, she cried, she begged, but no. You had to have proof and the wrapper with the serial # from the winning bag. Poor, Mrs. Smith.

8.) During my bartending days one of my regular customers gave me a $20 bill to gamble with while I was in Vegas. He said I had to bet it all at once and I could only bet on #22 black at the roulette table (Casablanca, baby.) I’d never played roulette and I forgot about my promise during my few days with my girlfriends. Driving back to LA we stopped to eat at a ghetto looking casino miles out of Vegas. After we ate I remembered my promise, walked up to an empty roulette table and put down the $20. I won. $720 in one shot. Just like that. Still, to this day, it’s the only time I’ve played roulette.

9.) The first house I ever made an offer on was adorable. I fell in love the moment I walked through the door and made an offer. The sellers accepted, but due to a series of financing issues and repairs that needed to be done I ended up having to walk away from the deal. Less than 6 months later the house was practically leveled to the ground by a hurricane. The new owners were okay because they evacuated, but a lot of their stuff was lost or destroyed. And people wonder why “everything happens for a reason” is my life motto.

10.) I hit on Elliot Sadler (NASCAR Driver) at a Winston Cup Preview while he was signing autographs. We had taken a photo together months earlier at one of the races. I handed it to him and said, “Don’t we make a cute couple?” He said yes and flirty banter ensued. He took my phone number and called me that same night. (And many times after that). I was eighteen and still living at home back then and I remember my mom freaking out with excitement every time he called the house. Unfortunately, right around that time I moved to Colorado and our communication faded off shortly thereafter. Ah, Elliot, I do miss you.

See, not too shabby huh? And only ONE of those is a lie. Can you guess which one it is?

I'd like to pass along this award to a few people that I think should have more "followers". These people post some great stuff and it saddens me to think many of my blogging friends are missing out because they haven't discovered their blog yet. You all get both awards because I think the 9 facts and 1 lie is a fun version. Participate if you want, but don't feel obligated. I know this blog award stuff can take up a lot of time and we're all crazy busy as it is.) So, go check out the following folks...

Marie Devers
Derek Whisman
Jessie Oliveros
Kelly Lyman
Just Another Sarah
Kasie West


  1. Great anecdotes. Many of them seemed to fit things you've written about doing in your life, although you sure threw in some wild rides--no batteries, million-dollar M&Ms?
    I'm going to guess that #1 is the lie. Can't wait to find out.

  2. I love these stories! And I love the fun spin you put on the award. I was procrastinating about my next post because I've been feeling a bit cranky lately, but this seems like such a fun thing to do. Thanks for passing it on to me! - G
    PS. #4 gave me goosebumps and #5 made me cry (LOL). To think you came so close to hugging that cute host every three days while you travelled around world! And imagine if he had a British accent! ***SWOON***

  3. That was awesome!!! I really enjoyed finding out more about you (quirky or not). I'm picking #7 as the fib (lie is such a strong word). Don't leave us hanging.

  4. Oh, now that's pretty cool. Now I'll have to figure out what to lie about when I do this award thingy (which I've been procrastinating for about two weeks).

    I'm not buying the Amazing Race thingy, though. :)

  5. I love these posts where you learn more about the writers behind the blog :) And I can't believe you elbowed Sonya and missed your chance to be on the Amazing Race (if one of those isn't your lie!)

  6. What a great post! I recognize some of them as obvious truths, but I have *no* idea which one is the lie. Do tell!

  7. You do lead an exciting life. I have no idea which one is a fib. They're all cool stories.

  8. I'm guessing the Amazing Race is a lie???

    I hope that it's not a that you got to take a dance class with Sonya cause that is awesome!!!!

  9. I think #5 is the fib.

    I'm envious of #4. I've always wanted to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

  10. I think #10 is the lie.
    You would be an awesome Bachelorette! I love that show, although I think Jake is not going to pick either on Monday night.

  11. I think #8 the Roulette lucky bet has to be the lie.
    You'd never do that at all or everytime you felt lucky you'd hear the call of the wild-time!

    Your life is certainly not dull.

  12. I have no idea which one is a lie! But they were all entertaining to read.

    Congrats on the awards!

  13. Oh my gosh- the M&M one is downright painful! I hope that one's the lie just for the teacher's sake!

    Thanks for the links- I already follow a few and will check the others out!

  14. LIfe is so bizarre, isn't it? Well, you know that! Just look are your stories. # 9 is insane.

    And thanks for putting a creative spin on the contest. I have been trying to figure out how to pay forward a couple awards I've received but I am so self-conscious about burdening others.

  15. I think #9.. Its very rare for homes to get leveled during hurricanes that last one that actually leveled was andrew..since I grew up and live in FL. Hrmm Maybe it was a really old wood framed home

  16. Ooo, Ooo! I want to watch the next Bachelorette with you!!!

  17. Holy cow, girl! Only ONE is a lie?! Wow. I'm going to vote for the M&M one, but I'm really not sure. You have had a dang cool life! :-)

  18. Well, whichever one of your ten isn't true, the other nine certainly show that you've got a lot of quirky and unexpected things about you. I'm going to pick...number seven as not being true. Will you ever tell or will you torture us with your sneaky sneakiness?

  19. Wow. Yeah, your life could be a sitcom. lol. The Amazing Race, So you think you can Dance, and M&M ones all seem to be the best candidate for the lies. But I'm thinking probably you would sneak in something simple as the lie. Like, we would all believe you broke into hives. But that one is probably the lie. lol. I dunno. Great stuff though.

  20. Only ONE of these is a lie? Wow, you lead a very exciting life. Jealousss. I've always fantasized about skydiving, but I'm too much of a chicken. Still, that doesn't matter much after you've already jumped, eh?

    I'm going to guess... #5? I have no clue. All of your stories are equally awesome and extravagant.

  21. Oh gosh, this is hard! I'm going to guess number 7 is the lie...I've never heard of that contest (but that doesn't mean it's not true).

    In any case, you've had some very interesting experiences. I'm so jealous:)

    By the way, I got the prize package today...thanks again!!!

  22. I hope the one about loving Aussies is true. Wait a minute, how could you not love us? I'm not sure about the Brits though--they're a dicey bunch.

  23. TO ALL: Yes, ONLY ONE IS A LIE! I promise I will spill the beans very soon. I do love seeing all the guesses about which one isn't true. I'm amazed that some of you think I would make up some of these stories. ;)

    Thanks for playing.

  24. Every single one of those is fascinating! :-) I think you made up the Vegas one.
    I tandem dived and it was so incredible. I want to do it again someday, and then learn how to do it myself. My current heroine is a skydiver too. :-) Congrats on the awards Amanda!

  25. Thanks for the award! I'm sitting here trying to figure out which is the lie and I can't. I'm gonna say the last one?

  26. I'm going to pick the Amazing Race one, because it reminds me of my Dad's story that he passed up a chance to invest in McDonald's, a story which to this day I'm not sure is true.

    I love Amazing Race and I would die inside if I passed up the chance to hug Phil every few days. He's such a classy guy, on and off the show!

  27. All capitals. Too time consuming to write in all capitals and you are a WRITER. Thanks for the shout out. I already have two new followers :)

  28. Fun post!

    I guess #1 is a lie.

    Can't wait to find out :)

  29. Squee! Thanks for the award(s)! I'll have to check out some of the others, as I only have seen a few. But I'm not sure I can follow your contest up with anything even half as exciting, but I think I'll have to try, anyway.

    As for guessing, I was going to say the last one, but I'm hoping (like Stephanie) that it's the M&M one, for the teacher's sake...though everyone's arguments on the others also make complete sense. If it is one of the true ones, I am so jealous you danced with the famous choreographer! I am looking forward to seeing the answer. :)

  30. Hi, I wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog and I love your blog template. Very creative.

  31. I loved reading ALL of these!! I couldn't begin to guess which one you've made up, but I can't wait to find out!

    I'm addicted to the Bachelor/Bachelorette... it looks like you'd have to be one of the girls in the "harem" before you'd have a shot at being THE bachelorette. Maybe there's a British or Australian version, I would nominate you!

  32. Holy Cow girl! You have had an exciting life - OMG I love Sonya!!! She's the best - if that's one of the truth's I am soooo jealous ;o)

    I'm going to go with the M&M one #7 that's the lie - oh how horrible for her if it were true. I'm hoping it's a lie.

    Oh and I love the Amazing Race too! Could never run it - I'd probably kill whoever I was running it with- and that makes for bad television!

    Love these posts - you learn so much. Thanks for sharing ;o)

  33. Um, wow! I have no idea which one is a lie. On all of them I thought, this has to be the lie. :) You know how to live, girl. And thanks for the shout out.

  34. Wow, those were all really interesting to read... I left you something on my blog, btw. :)

  35. Hmmm, for the record, I believe all of them. You're a darn good liar, you (is it the amaretto, perhaps?). But if I were pulled into a headlock with my arm twisted behind my back and forced to choose, I'd have to say that the Amazing race one was the least believable.

  36. Dear One,

    What a great blog with such creative images and posts throughout. Thank you for visiting and commenting at my blog. Every once in a while someone/something as delightfully surprising as your blog just happens by. I'm so glad to have met you! Again, thanks, peace and all good things for you in creativity and in life!


  37. I am going to vote the M&M as the lie. I loved reading this list, though! You're an awesome writer.

  38. I have know idea. You are a convincing storyteller and everyone of those are believable. I'm going to go with the M&M one though.


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