Saturday, June 20, 2009


I've talked about how I'm a people watcher and many times I develop my characters based on sayings or body language that I observe in other people. Since I started writing my novel, I've noticed I find bits of inspiration everywhere. Sometimes in the strangest of places.

I was walking my dogs one morning and noticed an absurd amount of worms on a neighbors sidewalk. Pretty gross but whatever...moving on. The next day, and the next, I noticed more and more. Many were dead or dried up from the sun. I literally felt like I was walking through a worm graveyard (minus the graves). However, one morning a line came to me. You writers know what I'm talking about, that sentence or two that you keep repeating and think, "Hmm could this work as a story? Could this be my great first line that hooks readers?"

The line (which I am totally in love with by the way) started a new, wonderful, magical story that has been manifesting in my mind. How did it all start? Worms. Lots and lots of worms. Worms = Magical Love Story. Go figure.

I've only written about 5k words so far because I'm busy revising The Kindrily. But I'm excited about my newest story, and I can't wait to see where it takes me.
What bout you? What's a strange or interesting place you found inspiration?


  1. Similiar thing happened to me. I need to revise a YA fantasy I've written, but I was hiking after a thunderstorm and the first lines of a new novel came to me. The main character is linked to lightning. I like it so much I've written the first chapter. Now I have two books to juggle, but I love it.

  2. I tend to find it from my kids. I have a four and a five-year-old and I write picture books for that target audience, so it works out well :)

  3. My daughter's school was opposite a stretch of ancient woodland. Every day when I dropped her off I warned her that when she caught the bus home she wasn't allowed to use the bus stop next to the Weald - 'You never know what might be in there!' - the lecture always ended ... well at least we know what lurks there now!
    Still working on Flower and too many other projects in the early stages.
    i just want to write Damage Limitations - the next book in the series - I'm holding off - just incase

  4. Hi Karen! I'm blog surfing this morning. I love your blog (and your website) and I'm more excited than ever to read The Kindrily. One day I will break down and start a blog about writing!

    I got the idea for the MG novel I'm currently revising when my husband was digging out an old lamp post to replace it last winter. I thought, "What if he just kept digging?" That reminded me of stories my dad used to tell about digging tunnels under vacant lots when he was a kid.

    I'm intrigued by your wormy magical love story- sounds very interesting. :)

  5. Tricia: Ur book sounds right up my alley. Love storms!

    Corey: I have none of my own, but other peoples kids have given me a few fun additions to my stories. :)

    Elaine: how fun! But I need to know, what's in the woods?

    Thanks Nat. :) Steve (my Webmaster will be very glad that you love the website). Love how your idea came about.

  6. Ewwww! Just kidding. I grew up fishing. :) And I totally get the whole ideas from strange places thing.

  7. I think the strangest thing that ever inspired me was a porcelain chamber pot. My mother picked it up at a second-hand shop and planned to put silk flowers in it. Ew! That woman will put flowers in anything! Might as well put flowers in a toilet bowl! But it was a cute chamber pot with a pretty pattern painted on it, so I made it a minor character in one of my stories. Which I suppose makes me every bit as strange as my mother. ;)

  8. I do find everything and everywhere inspires me where I can think and relate to what I have learn and know of - creative and innovative, the term I like to describe as. In this manner, I am not only be inspired, but have fun and passion on the thing I see and notice of.

    Trust I have made my point clear to you, Karen.


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