Saturday, June 27, 2009


So I decided to create my own award for a few of my writer friends that I am eternally gratefully for. All you fellow writers out there know how priceless feedback, critique, and advice can be. I've met so many great people through this wide and wonderful blogging world. I think it means a lot if we show our appreciation once in awhile. Feel free to give this award to anyone you feel is worthy.

The FIRST--the very first in history--recipients of the Thanks A Latte award are...

Megan Rebekah- Thank you for the great advice on conflict, and MC development. For catching my love of eyes, so it didn't annoy anyone later. And for meeting me for coffee to discuss writing in real life.

Marie Devers- Thank you for being so knowledgeable with grammar, strong sentence structure, and catching those typos on my revision. And of course for sharing Moxie's world with me.

Becca Brown Thank you for your brutal honesty, your keen eye for non-teenish words, and for your hilarious sarcasm that makes me laugh out loud (real laughing, not the fake "lol" kind.)

This award is served with a big heap of gratitude to the recipient.
Somehow you’ve sweetened or perked up my writing and I am grateful for the advice or wisdom you’ve shared with me. May your good karma coffee cup always be brimming with sunshine. Thanks a latte for all you’ve done!

Share this cup with someone in the future and spread the java joy.


  1. What a cute award!
    Congrats to the award winners. :-)

  2. That is so sweet! Awesome, Karen! And congrats to the winners of the award. I know how invaluable good feedback can be!

  3. And Becca, you deserve about 10 of these from me!!!

  4. Wow! Thanks! This is the second blogging award I've gotten, and honestly, I have no idea what to do with them! How do I show them on my blog?

  5. What a fun award and congrats to the recipients!!

  6. Thanks so much Karen!

    Reading The Kindrily is fun! I can't wait to get my signed copy and know that I helped make it awesome.

  7. Great award. I like the graphic you created for it.

  8. Thanks everyone. Glad you like it. Feel free to award it to anyone you'd like to say "thank you" too. :)


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