Saturday, April 4, 2009

To the Priceless & Important People in my life...

I realize that millions, many many millions of people write a book in their lifetime. The saddening statistic of how many of those people actually get published is pretty minimal.

To the few people who have read my book (which also happen to be my editing helpers, constructive critique givers, and web designer) and stand proudly in my corner, cheering me on and assuring me this dream is possible, thank you (times infinity).

To the other few who haven't even read the book but STILL support my website, blog, endless rants, and lofty dreams, (especially that friend that tried to market me while on her know who you are) thank you to you as well (times infinity).

Because after all is said and done, whether my story ever gets published or not, I WILL remember those who were there (and those who weren't). I've got a great memory but I've got a bigger heart, and someday in whatever way life affords, I will hopefully be able to show my gratitude instead of just expressing it.


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