Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HUMPDAY HEROES (correction, Heroines)

Happy Hump Day everyone! It's all downhill (in a good way) from here.
I have two Hump Day Heroes that I'd like to mention today as I drink my tiramisu flavored coffee.

#1 Melissa Marr- author of Wicked Lovely. My Amazon order arrived yesterday and I curled up with Wicked Lovely around 10 pm thinking I'd read a chapter or two before bed. At 5am I had finished the book and wished Borders was open so I could run out and buy Ink Exchange. Melissa is a great story teller and I'm a big fan of escaping to magical but almost believable worlds. And finally, I have another fiction crush--Seth--on someone other than Nathan Luna and Edward Cullen. Thanks to Melissa for a wickedly creative and lovely page turner.

#2 Susan Boyle- singer on Britain's Got Talent. Not only is she sassy but she sang one of my favorite songs from Les Mis (my favorite musical) and she sang it BRILLIANTLY. The look on Simon's face alone should earn her many impressive awards. Anyone that gives me goosebumps and makes my eyes tear up when they sing surely qualifies as a Humpday Heroine. :) Check her out by clicking here.


  1. I totally agree with both your shout outs!
    I just got home from work and turned on my Kindle and read the sample I had sent myself of Wicked Lovely. I was immediately hooked and bought the full download, with the intention to read it later tonight. Thanks for the recommendation.

    And Susan Boyle - WOW! I am just in awe of her talent!

    I hope your query letter and editing are going amazing today.

  2. You have received an award. Come over to my blog and check it out.


  3. All the best to you, congratulations for the award, and thanks for recommendation. Phew, lots in one breath....

  4. my god yes, Susan Boyle is an amazing vocalist. good for her too, I'd love to see her make some well deserved money off the back of that performance. I mean if Will Hung can have his 15 minutes, surely this lady deserves some time in the spotlight.

  5. Glad to let you know that I have signed up as your follower and link up to your interesting blog. Big congratulation to your award and I know you will do well. Best wishes,


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