Friday, May 15, 2015

Time For Me To Be Better

I haven't been blogging much lately. Or successfully working on the third and final book in my merfolk series, Sacred Seas, which was due to release June 20, 2015. (Ha. So not happening.)
Currently, the manuscript is crap, and I won't insult my editor or readers by making them read something so bleh. Sadly, the release date is being pushed back to fall of 2015. Heartfelt thanks to all my Yara and Treygan fans for their understanding and patience. So far everyone has been wonderful about the delay.

This morning, my encouraging editor replied to my "I failed" email and assured me I am not the epic failure I claimed to be. She reminded me that great authors like Harper Lee and George RR Martin have taken much longer than me when it comes to writing their next book. Not that I should consider my books anywhere near the level of greatness of To Kill a Mockingbird or Game of Thrones, but it was a nice reminder that quality stories shouldn't be rushed or forced.

I've concluded that my writing feels lazy and boring because I have become lazy and boring.
I used to take dance and yoga classes, travel a lot, blog, go to writer conferences, and do other lively/interactive activities. Lately, my greatest adventures are going to the grocery store and walking the dogs around the neighborhood.

So, it's time to kick my own butt into gear.
Step 1. Blog more. Hence this post. Yay. First step on my new path completed.

Step 2. Get back into regular exercise classes.  I just signed up for an aerial yoga class tomorrow. I've never done it, but it looks beautiful and fun, doesn't it?
If I love it, maybe I'll buy a hammock/trapeze kit so I can swing around my house and pretend I'm Pink or Charlize Theron.
Step 3. Write more. No matter what. I need to be more strict with myself. I should be writing a MINIMUM of 800 words a day. No excuses. If I have time to be on Facebook or Twitter, I have time to write 800 words a day 5 days a week.

Step 4. More real life interaction with other writers.  I need to go to at least one writer's conference this year. I miss getting inspired by the creative energy of other writers. I always came home from a conference buzzed and excited to work. I miss that feeling. Great conference suggestions are welcome!

Also, last week, I started drinking a green smoothie every day. I put fresh fruits and veggies in it along with some health powders like moringa, spirulina, or raw cocoa. The smoothies are surprisingly tasty and I am feeling better. Which is probably why I feel daring enough to get back into yoga classes. High flying ones at that!

That's my plan so far for becoming a better me. I'm hoping all this stuff combined gets me out of my rut.
What do you do when your writing and/or life becomes stagnant?


  1. Well, I'd probably not go for the aerial yoga, because I'm old, but woohoo for you!!! Who knows what winged sea creatures you may discover in your meditative state up there swinging!
    I am in awe of your output. When I bumped into the first of the Kindrily series, I was excited to see that it was, indeed, a series! And then Arcana, and then Tangled Tides....Wow, I kept thinking: how does this amazing woman tell so many great stories in such a short span of time???? World-creating AND true storytelling are, individually, complex and challenging. When combined, they take huge amounts of energy.
    I think all of your ideas are splendid, Even Jane Yolen, who is one of the most brilliant and prolific writers I know of, still attends writers' groups to hone her craft and get input and support. You deserve and NEED to fill your bucket, even as you keep pouring out that sparkling fountain of Story...
    You're my hero.
    p.s. Try spiralina or some other sea-veggie-based additions to your smoothies. And bee pollen, since you'll be flying around.
    p.p.s. Kraken is Shadow. Yes, we all need to acknowledge and embrace our shadows. But it's in order to define our light, rather than to dim it...imho. <3

  2. @Stephanie,

    Thank you so much! Your compliments helped me gain a little confidence that I DO still have something to offer. the world. ;)
    And oh, Jane Yolen. She spoke at a con in NYC that I attended. She's so inspirational. I def need to get back "among my people" and go to a con or two this year.

    I AM using spirulina! In my smoothies AND my hummus. Moringa powder is awesome too. And I even throw some hemp seeds into my blends now and then. I want to feel healthy again! :)

    Ans I agree about Kraken. You know how much I love exploring the battle of light and dark in my stories. This one is no different. <3

  3. My life sounds a lot like yours does! I'm trying to get back into the blogging/writing game after an extensive hiatus. Plus working on my health and fitness, after an exhausting pregnancy. You're definitely not alone, and I'm glad you're here with me!

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