Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Oh, hello 2015. When did you arrive?

I can't believe my last blog post was last year.
I also can't believe it's 2015 already.
Time is a tricky and mysterious little minx. ;)

But anywho...
I've deemed 2015 my year of giving.

Forget resolutions to lose weight or exercise more (the universe knows me all too well by now). I'm doing something way more fun. I'm connecting with my readers. Which, by the way, is the BEST part of being an author. I wouldn't have a career if it weren't for my readers, so I'm showing my gratitude and appreciation with a year of giving. Maybe I'll make this into an every year thing!

Every month I'm giving away stuff to my readers. However, I don't want to host contests for impersonal prizes where 100+ contest addicts, who have never heard of me or read my books, spam-enter to win.
Booo. Bleh. Where's the joy in that?

I want to give to my readers.

A crap load of books exist out there. I can't think of an adequate adjective to describe just how many books are available to read, but crap load sounds like a lot, so let's stick with that. Somehow, through kismet, or divine intervention, sheer luck, or because everything happens for a reason, I've connected with some amazing folks who read my not-widely-known books, and then, because those folks are so amazing, they connect with me as a person. (Again, my favorite part!)

I want to give back to those people.

So, every month I will be giving away a prize or two, or three. It could be a signed copy of one of my books, a signed copy of another author's book which I love, or some really cool item that means something to me and I'll be hoping it means something to the winner too.

BUT, many of these prizes will only be given away to my newsletter subscribers. 
My reasoning behind that is because I never know whether readers see my Facebook and Twitter posts. These days, it's too hit or miss on those sites, BUT if I send out a newsletter, it's in your inbox. Whether or not you choose to open and read it is up to you. Every month there will be an exclusive newsletter giveaway, and the announcement of who won the prior month. You have to read to win because you'll need to find out how to enter.

So, if you want to join my year of giving, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. Then, be sure to check your spam folder, or your "Promotions" tab, and actually open and read it (or at least scan for the giveaway part.) You can subscribe here.

January's newsletter will be sent out on the 15th, so don't miss out!

Happy New Year! *throws star confetti*


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  2. I just wanted to say how talented and imaginative I think you are Ms Hooper. I picked up Grasping at Eternity maybe 2 weeks ago, in that time I finished the kindrily series (which was amazing! And I'm still excited to hear more about Maryah and Nathanial), but I also just finished Tangled Tides & Dangerous Depths which were so good! I'm excitedly awaiting the release of Sacred Seas, reading Virtual Arcana in the mean time. Wishing you all the best, and can't wait to read more from you.

  3. I hope you're having a good new year. :-)

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