Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend of Helping

For me, this weekend is about helping a couple souls in need.

Baby Jayden is a precious child who has had one heck of a fight for his life. His fabulous grandma Wen, and one of my favorite people in the world, Natalie Bahm, are holding an auction to help raise money for all the VERY expensive things needed to help Jayden. Please go check it out and bid if you can. Baby Jayden Auction Blog

I'm donating a signed paperback of Tangled Tides along with an ebook of Grasping at Eternity. AND a 50 page critique of any manuscript (Obviously YA is my preferred choice, but I like MG literary and romance too.) Any and all bids are greatly appreciated. Bid here.

Lots of great stuff is up for grabs: agent critiques, cool artwork, other signed books, hangout time with amazing authors, etc. So go help a great cause if you can afford to donate. If you can't afford to bid, please help by tweeting about the auction. Updates at @HelpBabyJayden

My unexpected project this weekend has been a stray dog. She's been hanging around the neighborhood for a week or so and yesterday she approached me--hesitantly. After some trust-building time she finally accepted some water, then a tiny bit of food. She is skin and bones, filthy, covered in heat rash and bug bites, and was constantly biting at the hundreds of fleas attacking her.

I set u a quarantine area in the back bathroom and bathed her with medicated shampoo to help her skin rashes. I tried trimming a few of her ridiculously long nails. I gave her small amounts of food throughout the day, and showed her lots of love. Then I gave her a second bath for the remaining fleas.

She's doing much better. She's sleeping peacefully, wagging her tail, happily accepting love and attention, and no longer has fleas attacking her. I wish I could keep her, but my other two rescue dogs are high maintenance (awful allergies and a cancer survivor) I can barely afford the all the special food and medications as it is. I just can't take on a third. *heart breaks*

Say a little prayer that I can find this angel a good home.


  1. This is sweet and wonderful. So glad how much is being done for Jayden and you took in that dog! Wow! You are a kind soul, Karen. Truly.

  2. So wonderful what you're doing for baby Jayden. The family is in my prayers.


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