Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Last week, by total random selection, one of my fellow Indelibles told me the winner of my book for our Blogger Chat giveaway was a blog called Once Upon A Twilight. I researched the contact person to notify them and low and behold the blogger's name was Yara.

The main character in Tangled Tides is named Yara.

I was so excited. I told Once Upon a Twilght Yara that I felt like I was emailing my mermaid Yara. We exchanged a few emails back and forth, then some of us started tweeting about how awesome her name is--which is when I was introduced to another awesome series with a Yara as the MC, Intrinsical by Lani Woodland--and I signed a copy of my book to Yara about how happy MY Yara would be that another Yara was reading her story.

Last night I found out that real life Yara has been hit by a horrible tragedy.
Her home burned down.This message was posted by her cousin Jenny on the Twilight blog.
"As many of you may have heard my cousin and owner of Once Upon A Twilight blog Yara, has lost everything to a devastating fire that started Friday, late afternoon. The fire engulfed a second time early morning on Saturday leaving nothing but ashes behind. Although, they lost everything in this fire, my family is safe and that is what truly matters. I am grateful today and thank god everyday that my family was not hurt, at least not physically. Newspaper with Full Story
I am touched by all the kind words and support that she has received this past couple of days and how everyone has stepped up and has voiced their support throughout the Internet and phone calls. This means a great deal to Yara and she feels so loved and blessed to have each and everyone of you."

A bunch of awesome authors had joined together to help raise money for Yara and her family, and I offered to do whatever I could to help as well. One of my favorite things about being a writer is the amazing and supportive community of people I have met through blogging. When tough times hit (floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and now a fire), many writers and readers open their hearts and wallets and offer a helping hand. If you'd like to jump in and help a woman and her family who has been helping the book community for a long time, please, please do.

Donate any amount (no matter how small or large) to Yara's Fund, then forward the paypal payment email to laniwoodland at myself dot com. You can erase the donation amount. We just need proof you donated. Then we will use to pick a winner. This is open Internationally. We will keep this running for the next week. Ending at 11:59 Jan 28th.

As a thank you to anyone who donates, Angela Corbett, Jamie Manning, Brenda Pandos, Kristie Cook, Trisha Wolfe, myself, Taryn Browning, and Lani Woodland will have a drawing for prize packages:

Lani Woodland is offering one copy of Intrinsical, Indelible and Transcendent. She's also including a small bag of Indelible Swag, a CD of the song Can't Stop Dreamin' of You mentioned in Intrinsical. Also, if you win, your name will be used in Inevitable, the third and final book in the Yara Silva trilogy. It may be for a character who is snobby, sweet, evil, or good, and who might live or die. You may have a street or building named after you but your name will appear in the book.

Angela Corbett is donating a copy of her book Eternal Starling to the winner and some ES swag.

Jamie Manning is donating an ARC of his upcoming debut novel Blood Born and some BB swag.

Brenda Pandos is giving away two prizes. She is donating a copy of her newest book (as soon as he has it in her hand) The Onyx Talisman. She is also donating to another local person the kindle version of the who Talisman trilogy.

Kristie Cook is donating e-books from her Soul Saver series Promise, Purpose and Genesis.

Trisha Wolfe is donating a copy of her book Destiny's Fire and swag.

Taryn Browning is donating a copy of her books Dark Seeker and Dark beauty and two signed jumbo sized bookmarks.

I am donating a signed copy of Tangled Tides along with some mermaid swag.

I can't imagine going through such a devastating loss. Please help if you can. No amount is too small and you'll get a chance at winning some great prizes. Click here to donate through Paypal.


  1. This is why the blogging community is so great. Everyone is willing to help each other out.

    Cute story about the name, though.

  2. So sad. I can't afford to help right now, but I will tweet and Facebook, and hopefully let someone know who can.

  3. That would be so devastating, but like she said, it's good that they all got out safely

  4. Definitely helping out. What a great idea and a wonderful cause. Will also help spread the word.

  5. My heart goes out to Yara. Spreading the news of her situation now. :))

  6. I'm sorry about the sad news. I'll check out the link and help out....

  7. This is terrible :( I know the blogging community will help out though.

  8. Wow...crazy story and terrible tragedy. I hope the best for Yara!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  9. This was so amazing! Who would've thunk? LOL

  10. Karen, I ordered your book from Amazon, literally just a minute ago. So excited! I should have ordered it ages ago; alas, time gets the better of us all.

    On another note, Yara's Fund is a beautiful idea. You are incredibly generous for giving away prizes. x

  11. I'm very interested in your book and was very surprised when I found out the main characters name was Yara. I thought it was a serendipitous coincidence since my middle name is Yarai and Yara is one of the variations that my family calls me. I was wondering why her name is Yara ? Also im very sorry for your friend although she may be better at this time. I hope she is.


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