Wednesday, September 15, 2010


They say to write what you love.
Good thing I love lots of stuff, because I want to write forever.
My first manuscript involves stars, eternal love, the desert, superpowers, astrology, and reincarnation.
My second includes merfolk, impossible love, the ocean, superpowers, sunsets, and mythology.(Pic my brother took while at Tokyo DisneySea last week.
Do you want to open the door as bad as I do? )

Do I really love merfolk? Damn skippy. Here's some proof.
(Apologies to those who saw these photos in one of my December posts.)

(Me and the fabulous Carolina Valdez-Miller when she came to visit me a couple months ago.)

(Me around age 22, trying to impersonate Ariel on a cruise.
No comments on the flame pants. Please and thank you.)

Yeah, I know, who didn't love The Little Mermaid? That proves nothing. Need more hardcore proof? Okay, here you go...
(Me at age 2, showing off my new SeaWees.)

Mmm, hmm. You can't fake passion at age two. That's authentic love for mermaids. Don't ever accuse me of not writing about something I love. You will find pieces of my heart and soul in every manuscript I write. That's why I do it. It's the only way of writing I know. I write because I love it. I write what I love--even the made up stuff.
I suggest all writers do the same.

Do you write what you love? What are some of your passions?


  1. So true. Now that you mention it, my passions do end up in my novels. I love photography. One of my secondary characters in my wip is a photographer. During university, I was interested in the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in sports. My new wip deals with that topic. Fortunately, I have lots of passons since I'm in this for the long haul. ;)

  2. Can you be any cuter?? Really!

    I write mysteries and about the bond of friendship that is constantly tested but never broken. What does that say about my passions?

  3. Hey! I've been on that boat! On a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas ... unless they have that statue on all their boats.

  4. I agree, write what you love and what you know. Love the pictures! :O)

  5. Awww, so cute! Definitely can't fake love at 2. I believe in your passion! :)

  6. You make the best mermaid! All that passion shows.
    I think my passion is Nature. I pretty much have to make it a character in my stories. I never thought about it this way, so thanks for the eye-opener. Now I see it clearly.

  7. I used to write about horses but once I discovered magick I had to let the horses go. Now I write about magick and history with a little romance thrown in. What could possibly be more fun?

  8. I write hidden people, elves, dragon rescues and damsels in distress, but I'd also like to do a soccer book.

  9. Ooh so sweet! I write because I love to write and I love it when others like what I write. :O) I guess I write what I love by default perhaps. My writing over the years has been about textile figures (another passion) and cats (another love) so yes I guess so. Although recently I forced myself to write on a subject I had previously not enjoyed because I was so moved by a magazine article.

  10. I love mermaids, too! I used to want to be one when I grew up, lol. Heck, I still want to be one! I had Ariel everything! The Little Mermaid is still one of my favorite movies. :) I don't write about merfolk, though. So I really can't wait to read your novels some day, Karen!!!

  11. I've always followed this philosophy which is why all my stories somehow involve American ex-pats in their living abroad experiences.

  12. I write what I love too! For me, it's the only way to go.

  13. I love Jane Austen and religion, so that's pretty much what I write. I always find myself having to research though to stretch myself a little. If one of my characters really likes sports or music, I have to find some books or websites about it otherwise they won't know what they're talking about.

  14. A writer who doesn't write what they love is wasting their time and energy. Good writing comes from the heart, where love rules supreme. x

  15. Sure, I write what I love. But I'd appreciate if you didn't analyze my work to figure out what it is I love. I wouldn't want to disturb you. :)

  16. Too cute! Love toddling mermaid loving baby you.

    I write what I wish I'd been able to read as a teen, so sure, I write what I love.

    I crave fantastical situations and romantic sub-plots and coming of age tales, and my books are all of these.

    Fun post!

  17. I love this post Karen!

    Yes, I believe I do write what I love.

    I write about the things that make me cry (which is very hard to do) and I write about the things and people that make me feel as if I can't breathe from how much they mean to me.

  18. My passions are also tied into my story. It's very much a reflection of who I am. =) I love that quote, too.

    Great post!


  19. I've loved epic fantasy for as long as I can remember, and that's what I write now. I couldn't be happier with it.

    Mermaids are also awesome :-)

  20. Dude, you were meant to write mermaids. "Damn skippy"--haha. love it. And wasn't that awesome when we saw that giant mural of mermaids the first time we met up?

  21. I love words, their ability to become fantasies like realities.

  22. Writing is never as good as it is when the person's passionate about their topic. Glad mermaids feel that way for you! Love that sweet picture of you as a toddler. So cute!

    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jackee

  23. Hello. Awesome blog. Come check out mine sometime if you'd like. Adios.

  24. Great post! Write what you know and write what you love. Sometimes it can be a good thing, sometimes not. Depends on you, the writer :) Glad I could stop by your blog!

  25. I loved this post! Your picture at age 2 was adorable!!! Love, love, loved it!!!

    I love what I write, anything that comes to mind, but my favorite is worlds, I love to build worlds, lives that are complicated and allow my teenagers to work their way through all the struggles, because I know as teenagers everything seems so much bigger at times!

  26. Hi Karen, sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile--back to school with the kids and other "life getting in the way stuff" You know I'm a fan!
    Yes, write what you love, and in my case draw what you love--Passion is passion! Do what you love~ it all starts to speed by so quick!

    PS you were so freakin adorable at age two!!
    you still are :)

  27. I write what I love, too.

    Now I want to read about merfolk after this post.

  28. Oh I just LOVE your blog. I've always had a thing for mermaids too. Coincidentally, my daughter is the same. Anyway, i totally stumbled upon you and so glad I did.Love it!

  29. Since paranormal is huge right now, why can't mermaids be the next big thing? And you'll be on the cutting edge!

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