Wednesday, July 29, 2009


For those who missed my last note from the universe, you should know the universe sends me daily messages. Seriously, delivered to my email box five days a week. They inspire me and remind me what I need to hear. (I can put in a call to my people if you want the universe to send you love notes too ;) )

Today's dose of wisdom is one of those that I feel should be shared with all my friends. Because really, if you take out my name and substitute your own, you should get goosebumps and be inspired by the bright future ahead of you. No matter where you are on your journey, the best is yet to come.

"Look at it like this, Karen, the more challenging your life story has been so far, the bigger the goose bumps for future generations who retell it to their kids. Who will no doubt add, "And if Karen Hooper was able to do all that, so can you!"

We've barely just begun -
The Universe

PS. Peter Pan, eat your heart out. Huh, Karen...?"


  1. If the universe were to send me something five days a week, I think I'd prefer it to be pastries. Jelly donuts, custard tarts, eclairs and the like. But uplifting messages are nice too, I suppose. ;)

  2. Great wisdom and inspiration you're getting! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Love these little posts...keep em coming :D

    And, I love the sentiment in this one. We can do hard things. We can do great things. Our best work is still inside of us...all words of affirmation I use when I'm feeling down.

  4. I love your love notes and that you share them!

  5. I hope my story is tellable. Good stuff. Found you heck I don't know now I've read quite a few blogs today and glad to find you!

  6. That's awesome. Just saw Defiance and god can that movie make you feel like the human spirit is able to triumph against anything!

  7. Glass Dragon, Mmmmm eclairs. Yes please!

    I'm glad you all like my little notes. The universe will be so pleased. ;)

  8. Umm... If you could put in a good word for me with the Universe--I'd super appreciate it.

    By the way - left you some blog bling today. :)

  9. Linked here from Jessica's site.

    This was interesting. Probably every person in every generation who accomplished something of significance had to overcome numerous obstacles and roadblocks. But, they persevered. Good message.

  10. Awwww, I hope my kiddos tell stories about me someday. LOL "Mom burnt cookies every time she made them, but she kept trying until finally, at the ripe age of 90, she didn't burn them."
    Great quote! I made a joke but for real, I know what you mean.

  11. The universe is sending us non-verbal messages all the time... we just have to open our minds and trust our intuition and see the omens. ;)

    Hello, fellow free spirit! Thanks for your interest in my blog. Yours is a wonderful place; I'm glad to follow you!

  12. I love these! Thanks for sharing your inspiration.


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