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You don't have to go to Indie BookFest to win this giveaway, but it would be awesome to see you there. I'm giving away a 6 month premium subscription to Grammarly. (More about that soon.)

Indie BookFest 2015 is a three-day event celebrating indie/hybrid/traditional authors and artists and their freedom of expression. Join some of your favorite authors (including me!) for three days filled with a book signing, sessions, lunch, author meet and greets, an after party, and great fun!
You won’t want to miss the sessions throughout the day, where panelists (like me!) will be speaking on a variety of topics relevant to readers, book lovers, and writers. 
Indie BookFest 2015 will be held at Caribe Royale in Orlando, Fl., on July 31-August 2, 2015 
The Caribe Royale is located just 1.5 miles from the Walt Disney World® area!
Come hang out with me for a drink by the pool. :)
Over 70 authors representing indie, hybrid and traditional publishing will be featured at this premier author and reader event.

  Keynote speaker is multi-award winning author Jana Oliver.

This weekend is all about readers connecting and finding new authors to love. There are reader panels, a Fan Fare where readers can hang out with the authors, a Gothic Romance party, a gourmet luncheon, Author sponsored parties, and a book signing. 
Plus, I'll be giving away some yummy treats related to my books, and some pretty nifty swag.
ATTENDING AUTHORS...                                                

Buy Tickets  General Admission Tickets are only $15!! HERE


Book your HOTEL! We have special pricing for our event.


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And now about my giveaway. 
*throws confetti*
 One lucky winner will receive a 6 month premium subscription to Grammarly. 
This program is amazing and a must have for any writer. It catches so many errors, suggests improvements, teaches you as you go, and will make you loved and adored by your beta readers and editors. I absolutely love it. 
(Disclaimer: I do not work for Grammarly, and I'm not receiving compensation for this prize. My opinions are my own but the prize was graciously donated by them. )
You can enter multiple ways through this Rafflecopter.
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  1. Being Dyslexic I always struggled with writing. I know I need to improve my writing and I would love to work on how to make it better. I am a new author and wanted prove that dyslexia wont hold me back from doing what I love.

  2. I must appreciate the way you have express your feelings through your blog!
    PPC Expert

  3. My biggest problem with my writing is I have this amazing idea in my head and I just can't get it down the way I see it in my head. So all my stories I've never been able to finish or even get to the end. I'm honestly not sure what I can do to fix it but maybe this program can help. I'll have to check it out!

  4. I am actually writing my first book, so this would be an amazing start for me to learn along the way!

  5. My writing needs to get "gooder" (lol) because there seems to be a large disconnect between what's in my mind and what ends up on the page. If only there was a machine that could automatically type out what is going through my head so I get down what I actually want to say instead of what my fingers interpret those thoughts as.

  6. I am writing for a creative writing contest, now I never really completed a story before, but I want to try it and see how far this program can take me if I win, I am taking a few creative writing college courses this fall and spring semester. I want to get all the help I can get to get one or more of my stories published. Can't wait to see the results, and I wish everyone else the best of luck you all deserve a chance just as much as I do

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